How to Share Your 3D Designs With ANYONE Directly From SOLIDWORKS?

You’ve got Cloud Services included in your subscription with your recent purchase of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, so now what? Take it for a test drive starting with the new Share and Markup capabilities!

Share and Markup capabilities available with Cloud Services give you the power to share 3D designs with ANYONE – directly from SOLIDWORKS. With Cloud Services, you can invite trusted collaborators to view and mark up 3D designs on the cloud. It’s just like the eDrawings functionality you’ve relied on for years, but with no installation necessary, no need to send a physical file, and it all works from any browser. Getting real-time feedback on your designs is now as easy as sharing a secure link from SOLIDWORKS!

WATCH VIDEOS to learn more and see how other customers are already using Share and Markup capabilities.

“Just like you or I need to custom fit our own bike, so do our customers. And so we’ve used this tool consistently with our customers that have more specific requirements or higher level requirements. We can now send that data to the customer in their own home, even have them log in and tell us what would work for them in a much more efficient manner that gives them the solution and the capability to truly use the bike how it’s meant to be utilized.”

– Tatiana Place, Production Manager, Bowhead

How do I get started with Share and Markup?

With Cloud Services you can share 3D models with stakeholders directly from within SOLIDWORKS by simply clicking “Share a File” on the “Lifecycle and Collaboration” toolbar. Then type an email address and your message, click a button to share the file and the link will be emailed to the recipient.

The recipient will receive an email and can click the link in a web-browser on any device. They can then see the entire 3D model, which will open in 3DPlay, where they can spin it around, explode the assembly, mark it up and comment and send it back as a screenshot directly from 3DPlay.

You will then get a notification inside of SOLIDWORKS and can view the comments and markups added to the model and can communicate back and forth without ever leaving SOLIDWORKS.

This workflow saves time for all parties involved, eliminating tedious workflows, like switching from various applications, including email, eDrawings and CAD applications. You don’t have to ask the stakeholder to download a viewer. There’s no need to worry about compatibility issues and everyone having the same software version either.

What’s also great about this process is your data is always secure. When you send your model you can assign access rights, such as view and edit and you can easily take permissions away. If something changes in the design, you can easily update, revoke the last “share” so that everyone has access to the latest version.

The process is similar to sharing with the eDrawings viewer, but there are no downloads involved and no need to send a physical file. With real-time access to the right tools and information organizations can increase collaboration, improve productivity, and accelerate innovation.

Explore our Tutorial Videos to get started with Share and Markup.

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