SOLIDWORKS Live Design: Reasons to Get Excited about Our July Announcement

Did you miss the episode of SOLIDWORKS Live Design on April 14th? Well if so, we have good news for you! You can now watch this episode on-demand to hear our cohosts, Brad Williamson and Sean O’Neill, as they explain more about the exciting changes coming in July.

Let’s take a step back and refresh everyone about the announcement we made back at 3DEXPERIENCE World in February. In July, all new SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD licenses will include “Cloud Services” as part of the subscription. Existing SOLIDWORKS users will also have a path to add these secure cloud capabilities.

Quoting Gian Paolo Bassi, executive vice president of 3DEXPERIENCE Works. “I’m sure there are some of you wondering what the big deal is with this announcement. I’m here to tell you there is a whole lot to get excited about if you’re a SOLIDWORKS user. These capabilities will enable you to do so much more than before. Most importantly, it will free you to do what you love most: create amazing, innovative new products in a safe and collaborative environment open to anyone.” You can read GP’s entire blog on this announcement here.

During one of the latest episodes of SOLIDWORKS Live Design, Sean spends the entire episode in SOLIDWORKS explaining and showing how these new cloud capabilities will help improve workflows for SOLIDWORKS users. These demonstrations included:

  • Saving files to the complementary external storage (keeping designs safe and not taking up space on your hard drive!)
  • Easier ways to locate and access your files (e.g. sort/search files via properties, custom attributes, and more)
  • New Overwrite protection, so you can no longer save over files unintentionally
  • Plug-and-play revision control (not at the end of your file names!)
  • More powerful, actually-working search utilities that enable you to search based on almost anything!

Watch the full SOLIDWORKS Live Design episode on-demand.

Sean goes into detail on how each of these new capabilities delivers real value by walking through a typical SOLIDWORKS workflow and pointing out how the cloud capabilities (included in the July announcement) can improve the way designers work – without leaving SOLIDWORKS.

Watch this episode today on YouTube to learn how these new capabilities will deliver better workflows for daily tasks such as:

  • Saving/storing your files

o   Access to additional storage space, from inside SOLIDWORKS

o   No need to worry about reformatting/mapping drives

o   Control file access yourself


  • Opening/finding your files

o   ‘Bookmark’ your files, just like in your browser

o   Filter/search via your SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties

o   Instant idea of who ‘owns’ the file at that time


  • Protecting your work from unintentional overwrites

o   People can’t save over your stuff

o   You can’t save over theirs either

o   You don’t have to ask people as many questions

  • Automatic handling of file versions/revisions

o   No more 1) Save As, 2) Append “_rev2” to file name

o   Actually remember WHY you made a new version/revision

o   Less people ask you questions

  • Searching for CAD files – using a search tool that actually works and indexes well!

o   ‘Search’ is a powerful idea that should work – and can!

o   Searching for more than just file names

o   You can now search based on almost anything


A primary focus of this episode of SOLIDWORKS LIVE Design was to show, in some of the plainest ways possible, how any designer – even if they’re working with zero other people! – can get easy, practical new features that help with important everyday tasks inside of SOLIDWORKS.

The only question left to answer is: what will you do with more time to design? 🙂

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