It’s Electric! What’s New for Electrical Design in the Cloud

Planning a trip anytime soon? No continuous internet?  No Problem.  We’ve got you covered with new offline mode in Electrical Schematic Designer. If you’re planning to hit the road or hop on an airplane anytime soon you can now take advantage of offline mode to work on your electrical designs. Yes, you can now ditch those sketchy internet connections in the airport and avoid paying for service in flight.

For those not familiar with the Electrical Schematic Designer role, it has the fine features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic desktop, including schematic creation, selection of manufacturer’s parts, creation of control panel drawings and organization of the design by functional areas and locations, including control panels or specific areas of a machine or other product.  As part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can create, store, manage, and collaborate on your designs on the cloud, taking advantage of its built-in data management, product lifecycle management and collaboration tools.

In the latest release, Electrical Schematic Designer R2022x FD03, we’ve added some really cool enhancements, including the aforementioned offline mode and the ability to add Bookmarks when saving to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Offline mode, for starters, offers extreme flexibility if you need to work somewhere with no internet or low bandwidth and is a great option if you’re traveling for work or vacation to meet those last-minute deadlines or if creativity strikes and you want to work.

Easily switch between offline/online mode in the top of the task pane of Electrical Schematic Designer.


Stay focused on your electrical designs until you are ready to upload your content to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and then just return to online mode to do so. You can work in offline mode for up to 30 days. You never know, maybe you’re on a remote island or a cabin somewhere.

This release is really all about flexibility. Another thing I want to talk about is that you now have the ability to add Bookmarks when you are saving a new design or revision to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. You’ll find this new feature under the Save with Options command.

Use Bookmarks with Electrical Schematic Designer to better organize electrical design information.


That’s a wrap for now, but stay tuned. We’ve got more big things coming and are also celebrating the 10-year anniversary of SOLIDWORKS Electrical desktop and approaching the one-year anniversary for Electrical Schematic Designer. If you haven’t made the leap to the cloud, you’re missing out on all the great benefits and features of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform including data, project, and lifecycle management along with collaboration tools. Access to 3DPlay on the platform is one of my favorite features. 3DPlay lets you view your 3D models in exploded and section views, along with viewing drawings and other documents plus it is great for collaboration and design reviews.

Other perks enable you to:

  •         Manage the lifecycle of any type of content— including electrical projects, 3D designs, simulation models, and documentation—across disciplines and CAD applications.
  •         Simplify the design process of sharing and collaboration across your organization when using roles such as SOLIDWORKS, 3D Creator and Electrical Schematic Designer.
  •         View, share, annotate, discuss, visualize, and manage designs from any device with a web browser.


I’ll share some more of my favorite features of Electrical Schematic Designer in my next blog. Until then have a great summer!

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Eric Leafquist

Eric Leafquist

Eric Leafquist is a Senior Product Manager at SOLIDWORKS involved with electrical and routed systems, along with other areas of the product. Prior to joining SOLIDWORKS, he held various positions in electro-mechanical product design and engineering in the chemical process industry. In his free time, he enjoys cycling on his Trek road bike (designed with SOLIDWORKS) for cancer research fundraising events.