Make:’s First Worldwide Amazing Maker Awards: Open for Submissions

You Have Been Challenged!

The Amazing Maker Awards, aka the Makeys, is a new virtual, project-based, competition for all makers of any skill level, from anywhere in the world. The program will include a virtual live participant showcase spearheaded by Dale Dougherty, founder of Maker Faire and Make:magazine. Showcase your knowledge, skills, and creativity in the first-ever, worldwide, annual Amazing Maker Awards. Register your project idea now!

The Amazing Maker Awards are proudly sponsored by 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers, which delivers easy-to-learn and fun-to-use professional design tools to hobbyists and makers for only US$99/year or US$9.99/month and includes an online community in which fellow makers can share their work, learn tips and tricks, collaborate with each other and get inspired.

Plan and Make A Project To Compete in The Makeys

Make:magazine is looking for individual makers, or teams of makers, to plan, document, and submit projects to compete in the Makeys. Check out some basics on what they are looking for:

  • A project-based piece of work is usually something built/made over time.

  • Projects can be made from any material(s), with any tool(s), machine(s), and/or technology you have access to.

  • Project-based work is about your entire maker experience. We need detailed documentation from before, during, and after the making with photos, videos, and written content.

  • Project documentation should happen regularly and in the moment but be organized later in the presentation you submit.


Five Tips For Makers Who Want To Compete In The Makeys

  1. Research Ideas: If you are struggling to find an idea, start by looking around the internet for information, videos, and pictures of things you are interested in. Things you like to do in your own free time, like listening to music, playing video games, fixing things around the house, sports, tinkering with electronics, learning about cybersecurity, experimenting with textiles, and even things you have zero knowledge about but have always wanted to learn to do. If your research starts to feel like work, move on so you don’t pick a project that will most likely feel like work too!
  2. Brainstorm Possible Ideas / Solutions: Include a Design Sketch with Project Dimensions
  3. List All Tools And Materials You Need – Take inventory and make adjustments as needed. Don’t have every single tool or material required to make what you want? Hack it! Look around you and see the potential in everyday household objects.
  4. Gather Tools And Materials: To set up and organize In your designated workspace. Snap a few photos of your workspace to include in your final submission.
  5. SAFETY FIRST: Safety precautions will vary depending on the tools and materials you choose to make with. Always take time to use appropriate protective personal equipment to protect your eyes, ears, lungs, face, and hands.


And Make’s Amazing Maker Awards Go To…

As makers, we share everything we know with anyone who wants to know. We share tools, materials, and feedback because we revel in the success of all makers. Even so, we love a good competition.

Your project submissions will be judged by experienced makers based on the following six criteria:

  • Originality: Take responsible risks – don’t be afraid to fail!

  • Ingenuity: Try and see everything – tools, materials, objects, parts, pieces – in new ways.

  • Quality: Take your time. Make sure your project is at your highest level of craftsmanship.

  • Potential Impact: Solve a problem or fill a need – fix it if it’s broken, make it better if it’s not.

  • Initiative: Don’t cut corners in the, before the making, stage. Plan and prep every aspect of your project.

  • Presentation: Document everything! Take pictures of the raw materials you start with and include written descriptions to explain how you felt in the moment, and what you’re learning if/when you have to start over or patch up a disaster. Don’t forget – before, during, and after the entire making process!


Amazing Maker Award Winners: Prizes, Gifts And Priceless Opportunities!

Project submissions scoring the highest in the combined list of six criteria will be named in three categories:

  • GOLD (1st): $5,000.00 USD, 500 $Make Tokens, and $500.00 USD Gift Certificate to

  • SILVER (2nd): $2,500 USD, 250 $Make Tokens, and $250.00 USD Gift Certificate to

  • BRONZE (3rd): $1,000 USD, 100 $Make Tokens, and $100.00 USD Gift Certificate to

  • Each Gold/Silver/Bronze awardee will earn a maker profile on Make:, and a project spotlight in Make: Magazine, volume 83.

  • All Winners are eligible to be selected for exhibition or presentation at Maker Faire Hannover, all expenses paid.

  • All Winners: will be recognized as 2023 Make: Ambassadors with print recognition and special access to select Faires.

  • All Winners: are invited to a special online recognition showcase with Dale Dougherty,

MAKERS: Register NOW! Project Submission Deadline is June 1, 2022

  • CLICK HERE to register for the first annual worldwide Amazing Maker Awards.

  • Review in detail, the expectations, and requirements for participation.

  • Gain instant access to our resources and growing community of Amazing Maker Awards participants.

  • NOT Planning to Submit a Project But Still Want To Participate In The Makeys?

  • Be an Amazing Maker Award SCOUT by sharing event details with Makers you know!

  • Volunteer to be an Amazing Maker Award MENTOR who meets with participants seeking feedback, development of skills and/or some of your expert knowledge!

Send us an email to Please include SCOUT or MENTOR in the subject line.

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