Get Started Fast and Stay Productive with Easy Access to Learning Resources for 3DEXPERIENCE Roles with the New Welcome App in 3D Creator

Getting started with 3DEXPERIENCE® Works browser-based design roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform just got easier with the new Welcome app: available now in 3D Creator, our browser-based design role for parametric design.

The first time you log into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform you will land on the 3D Creator Dashboard, and you’ll see the Welcome App in a widget on the left with resources for 3D Creator and other roles you have. These resources include videos for getting started or brushing up your skills and connecting with online communities, right from your interface. If you ever close the widget, you can find it again in the Compass under “Welcome.”

Great for both newbies and experienced users alike, the Welcome app has something to offer for everyone, whether it’s to help you get started or enhance your skillset. The Welcome app includes short how-to videos on everything from getting started, navigating around the interface and managing content. It also includes what we call Sample Content, where you can open a model to get a feel for the capabilities in 3D Creator. It also provides easy access to our online communities, such as the SOLIDWORKS® User Forum. This is all conveniently located in the Welcome app under the Learning Center, Sample Content and Public Communities.

The new Welcome app helps you get started with videos, sample content, and learning resources, right on your default dashboard.


Before I dive into those components, here’s some background about me: I’ve been with Dassault Systèmes® SOLIDWORKS for more than a decade, and I currently lead the User Experience Design team for the SOLIDWORKS brand. My team and I focus on the user interface and making the key workflows easy to use and learn for new users and experts alike. That starts with understanding our customers, their needs and helping them get the most value out of the software by shortening the learning curve and making sure they are aware of all the capabilities and resources available to them. When we look at a workflow, we ask is this going to provide users with the most value?

With that being said, the Welcome app was designed with you, our customers, in mind, and we wanted to enhance the user experience and not only help you get started faster but keep you productive by providing resources that are right at your fingertips—so you can focus on what you love— design.

Now let’s dive in for a closer look.

Drag and drop sample content from the Welcome app into xDesign to start exploring.


Get Started Fast on 3DXEPERIENCE Roles and Come up to Speed Quickly on New Tasks with the Learning Center

In addition to the short video tutorials for 3D Creator, such as “Start Designing with 3D Creator” and “Find Your Way Around the 3DEXPERIENCE platform,” you can also find resources for other roles you have under “View All” in the Learning Center. For instance, you can choose from 3D Sculptor or other roles in the drop-down menu under Learning Modules.

You’ll also notice options for multiple roles under Tips for Getting Started, such as “Getting Started with 3D Sculptor and xShape,” along with resources for training and technical support.

The Learning Center also provides access to our full database of online coursework available for 3DEXPERIENCE roles on the EDU Space learning platform, which features more in-depth tutorials.

From the EDU space you can search by product, domain, and industry. For instance, if you click on “By Domain,” select 3DEXPERIENCE Works then search for 3D Creator, you can access the “Explore the 3D Creator Role” learning module, which provides a general overview on creating and opening designs, making design modifications to more specific exercises like creating a new physical product, sketching, editing models, and creating assemblies. This is a three-hour video tutorial, but most of the learning modules are in about ten-minute chunks.

Explore, Play and Learn with Sample Content

The Sample Content section provides examples of models and the modeling features available in the 3D Creator role. One example shows a caliper where you can drag the dial, slide or thumb wheel to open and close a caliper.

Another example features an engine block and the modeling features available in 3D Creator.

What’s great about the Sample Content is you can just drag the model onto your interface and start exploring. You don’t have to model something from scratch. Give it a whirl. Who knows maybe you’ll learn about a new feature you weren’t aware of?

Interact, Seek and Share Knowledge— AND Show Off Your Skills in the Public Communities

In a bind? Ask your peers!

The Welcome app provides instant access to our public online community 3DSwym, where you can find many communities, such as the SOLIDWORKS User Forum, Made in 3D and more. This enables you to interact with other users by asking questions, sharing and supporting one another by offering kudos. Plus, you can show off your own designs! You deserve kudos too.

Say you’re having trouble in 3D Creator or want to know how to use a specific tool, you can quickly post your question in one of those communities to see if other users may have an answer or suggestion.

I think our customers are really going to find the Welcome app is not only welcoming, but a go-to source for learning new things and connecting with other users. Give it a try and let us know what you think. A lot of enhancements and updates are based on your feedback so let us know what you like and what we could do better.  Share your comments in the Comment section below.

And stay tuned for updates to the Welcome app coming this summer!

To see what else is new in the browser-based roles check out this recent blog on the April release and watch the video below.


Kevin Berni

Kevin Berni is a User Experience Design Director for SOLIDWORKS and currently leads the UX Design team for the SOLIDWORKS brand and has been with SOLIDWORKS for over 13 years.  When he’s not adding features like Search in Tools> Options, he’s usually out running 5K races.