Deadline Extended for The Top Ten List Submissions- Voting Begins January 7th

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has submitted an idea to The Top Ten List – 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 3DSwym Community! We have enjoyed reading all your ideas and seeing the engagement between users. To give you all a bit more time to submit your ideas, we are extending the idea submission period until Friday, January 7th. See this blog post for more information on how to submit an idea.

Just to remind you all,  Top Ten List ideas are being submitted for the following products:


3DEXPERIENCE Works products:

On January 7th, idea submission will close and we will transition to the voting-only phase of The Top Ten List.  To vote for an idea, simply “like” the idea by clicking the thumbs up icon on the lower left corner of the post.

All ideas are considered by 3DS SOLIDWORKS development and the ten highest ranked ideas will be presented at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 in Atlanta, GA, as well as virtually.

For more information on searching for ideas and how to vote, please refer to this video, also pinned in the 3DSwym community. Voting will close on Friday, January 28th, 2022. You can register for the conference here.

Attend virtually for free! 

Virtual attendees can attend for free! That’s right. We have decided that everyone can attend virtually 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022…for free. What does that get you? Glad you asked. Virtual attendees will get access to:

  • General sessions
  • 130+ breakout sessions
  • 30+ meet up sessions
  • Live experiences from Atlanta
  • Certification exams
  • Opportunity talk to Sponsors
  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform playground access
  • Model mania participation

So now you can experience the largest SOLIDWORKS event of the year from the comfort of your own home or office so don’t delay, register today and we’ll see you (virtually) in Atlanta.

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data. SolidWorks products are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. The SolidWorks focus on ease-of-use allows more engineers, designers and other technology professionals than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life.