Jetcool’s Liquid Cooling Technology Enabling the Next-Generation of High-Power Electronics

While working at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory fielding government aerospace and defense projects, Dr. Bernie Malouin, Ph.D., and Jordan Mizerak, recently named on Forbes 30 under 30 list, observed a surprising trend—high-power electronics kept overheating. When seeking a commercially available solution, the team noticed a considerable gap in the capability of liquid cooling solutions and the requirements of next-generation electronic devices. This prompted a team of engineers led by Dr. Malouin to spend the next five years developing and refining the cooling technology behind what would eventually become Jetcool.


The team’s initial concept work included analysis and simulation with SOLIDWORKS®, enabling them to develop prototypes of cooling modules for some of the most powerful technologies in advanced electronics systems. After exciting early proof-of-concept demonstrations while at MIT, Malouin and Mizerak saw great commercial potential and spun off to form Jetcool in 2019 in Littleton, Massachusetts.

Jetcool’s products utilize a direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology called “microconvective liquid cooling.” It uses small fluid jets within compact cooling modules, transforming high-power electronic cooling performance at the chip or device level. The company’s patented fluid-to-package/fluid-to-die cooling techniques eliminate all thermal pastes and thermal interface materials, minimizing thermal resistance and enabling greater output from advanced semiconductors.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

Within the first few months of forming Jetcool, Malouin and Mizerak hoped to demo a Jetcool prototype at one of the largest international industry tradeshows for electronics—an ambitious goal for a young company. Jetcool discovered SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs via SolidXperts, a local value-added reseller. Since SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs includes SOLIDWORKS Premium, Jetcool could bootstrap their CAD capabilities on a budget. The team generated the CAD models and drawings and, using a 3D printer, successfully showcased the first Jetcool prototype, earning them the honor of “Next Top Startup” by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Fast forward to today, where data centers can use Jetcool’s cooling solutions to reduce energy costs up to 8 percent and water usage by 90 percent annually. For high-performance computing applications, Jetcool’s cooling modules cool devices from 150W to over 1000W, eliminating hotspots and packing more compute into less space.

To enable more efficient product development and to satisfy customer needs quickly and efficiently, Jetcool added SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, SOLIDWORKS CAM, and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. This suite of tools has enabled their continued product development into next generation commercial electronics applications, and SOLIDWORKS has helped cut product design times by 35 percent.

Quicker Prototyping, Product Development, and Customization

Design and Test Engineer David Earley notes how SOLIDWORKS helps with prototyping. “When I open SOLIDWORKS Simulation, I get a feel for the ballpark of what something should look like…I can also take a CAM file and finish off the surfaces and get some really precise features that a 3D printer might not be able to do. And then I can test it very quickly.”

Part of the value-add of Jetcool products are its custom designs and sizes, from small, high-power density computer chips to larger assemblies in aerospace applications. Jordan Mizerak, Co-Founder and CTO, emphasizes, “With SOLIDWORKS, you have the capability to do parametric designs with certain features, so you can take an existing design and quickly adapt it to be able to kick off the design of a new device.”

Jetcool also iterates new features after progressing within a custom design cycle. Mizerak continues, “The quickness in prototyping and product development have been absolutely critical for what we do, and the fact that we can have many different, ongoing customer relationships with a lean engineering staff. Quick prototyping using the efficient SOLIDWORKS umbrella of simulation and design tools is what has brought us to where we are today with design.”

Jetcool’s easily integrable, innovative cooling modules handle the highest-power density devices while decreasing energy consumption, water usage, and carbon footprints. The company’s technology enables businesses to become more sustainable, profitable, and efficient—a technology especially relevant given the limited supply of new semiconductor processors.

Contact your local reseller if you’d like to learn more about what SOLIDWORKS can do for your company or if  you’d like more information regarding the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs and Startups program, click on the image below.

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