3DEXPERIENCE World 2022—Virtual and Real—Coming to Atlanta February 6-9th

Are you tired of staying at home and ready to attend a spectacular event, one where you can reconnect with old friends, network with your peers, learn something new, and see what’s happening in the technology world? Then join us at 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2022!

The event will be held on February 6-9, 2022 in Atlanta, GA; but, if you are not quite ready to attend an in-person event, it’s not a problem. We have a very interesting agenda for you, and you can join wherever you are in the world virtually! We are calling 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2022 a unique hybrid experience with a blend of both in-person and virtual opportunities to attend.

If you are ready, I want to share what is waiting for you at this unique hybrid experience, which will enable you to participate in all of your favorite SOLIDWORKS moments you’ve come to know and love about our annual event in whatever way works for you.

LIVE vs. VIRTUAL The LIVE part of the event will be packed with more than 300 technical breakouts, general sessions, reseller-specific sessions, the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground, Model Mania competition, and other ways to connect with fellow users, just like yourself! And, don’t forget about the Tuesday night special event! In addition, LIVE event attendees will have access to the virtual VIP Package and follow-up on the virtual part of the event.

The virtual part of the event will have its own platform (similar to 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2021 Virtual event) that enables you to see what is happening at the LIVE event with LIVE streaming. You can watch the livestream of General sessions, 100+ technical breakout sessions; join the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and virtual hands-on sessions; meet with other virtual attendees during 25+ meet-up sessions and listen to their stories, ask questions;  visit the Playground; watch Livestream videos; and visit our sponsors’ booths.  You can also join the virtual Model Mania, and last but not least, play online games and have a chance to win virtual badges and trophies!

Let’s go a little bit deeper into the agenda:

General Sessions: Preparation takes months, but the results are always worth it! 97% of our General Session attendees liked the content and shows during the sessions. Attendees will hear from industry luminaries and Dassault Systèmes executives about how the skills and strategies gained from attending 3DEXPERIENCE World can power innovation, growth, and prosperity for SOLIDWORKS users, business leaders, and entrepreneurs alike—now and into the future with its expanded 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, which includes and the most recent addition of SOLIDWORKS ERP tools from DELMIA|Works (formerly IQMS).

Technical Breakout sessions:  You should never give up learning and improving yourself so our team is hard at work creating the best technical agenda. We will provide discussion and training opportunities across a wide range of topics, including:

  •         Cloud technologies
  •         Design/Engineering
  •         CAD Management
  •         Data/Project Management
  •         Simulation
  •         Manufacturing
  •         SOLIDWORKS ERP tools (DELMIA|Works)
  •         Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
  •         Education & Research

If you attend the LIVE event, you will have access to more than 300+ technical breakout sessions to improve your knowledge; If you participate in the Virtual part of the event, you will have access to 100+ technical breakout sessions and will have the opportunity to ask your questions of the presenters.

3DEXPERIENCE Playground We will open the Playground with the most delicious food and beverages to celebrate what you will see in it! This is a great place to explore all of our new tools and solutions in  the Dassault Systèmes booth,  visit the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, Shop floor, Model Mania, our sponsors, resellers and marketplace[SB1]  sellers booths, some selected products designed by our customers, SOLIDWORKS Education booth, and more.

MeetUp Sessions: What more do we need than to talk to other people and learn from them? Join us for the 25+ MeetUp sessions that will be part of the virtual event. You can network with your peers, learn how similar challenges have been solved, and ask questions about SOLIDWORKS and its expanded 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio including and the most recent addition of SOLIDWORKS ERP (DELMIA|Works). Get the answers to your questions from experts and executives, thought leaders, makers, and influencers. In-person event attendees will also have access to all virtual MeetUp sessions.

Students: When I was a student, it was like a dream to meet everyone who worked in my dream software company and see all the latest technology in one place! Well, obviously, it’s no longer a dream, but a reality! One of our highest priorities at SOLIDWORKS is to help students build the career of their dreams. We’re now inviting students to attend 3DEXPERIENCE World in person for FREE with that goal in mind! Join the next generation of makers and innovators who want to create products that make a difference for a three-day collective experience that will inspire and energize you to bring your ideas to life!

Makers: It is amazing to have a hobby and a passion that you can help you channel your creative energies. We love makers, hobbyists, builders and tinkerers working in their personal workshops, basements, garages, or in fab labs and makerspaces. Join us for all things “Making” and experience the power of design, digital fabrication, and collaboration. Come for the skills; stay for the Community!

Get Certified: “I have at least 6 SOLIDWORKS and 4 3DEXPERIENCE platform certifications; what about you?” Are you interested in getting certified? Earning a certification can help you get a job, keep a job, or possibly move up in your current role. Be a part of our growing and passionate Community of certified users and get certified today. There are several SOLIDWORKS exams, as well as 3DEXPERIENCE platform exams available.

Tuesday Night Special Event: Each year I promise myself to see all the special event areas. And believe me, it’s not easy because it’s too big, each stop is amazingly organized, and too much fun; I see everyone around, I talk, dance, drink, and eat with them. As I sit here writing now, I realize how much I miss this party and can’t wait to be back together again this year with all of you!  This year’s Special Event will take place at Mercedes Benz Stadium on Tuesday, February 8, 2022!  Just a short walk (or bus ride) from the Georgia World Congress Center. Pack your athletic shoes as you will be able to compete in activities like batting cage practice, punt pass & kick contest, soccer competition, and other interactive games.  Are food & drinks more of your style? We got you! Enjoy complimentary drinks, dinner, and live entertainment in the different themed lounges around the field.  We are counting down the days until this very special night!

Looking for more? You’ll have to wait for my second blog post, but before that, decide what you will do because the registration is opening soon. If you are ready to travel and network in person in Atlanta (limited capacity), we will see you there!  But if not, we will see you in the virtual event – both will be great. I told you this event would be a unique hybrid experience. We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Learn more about this exciting hybrid event on our 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2022 website.





Simge Akarsu

Simge Akarsu is a Senior Strategy & Program Manager. She is responsible for 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD event strategy.