Improve Design Efficiency Through Collaboration

Whether you are a smaller company in a single location or a multisite international firm, your design teams must stay on the same page, including managers and executives. Connecting and working together as a single product development entity naturally increases design efficiency. With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, connecting SOLIDWORKS® content with everyone on the team is just a few clicks away. All the platform applications needed for improving design efficiencies are directly available within the SOLIDWORKS environment.

Secure Design Approvals Faster

Now you can conduct real-time design reviews, accessible to everyone on the team, even when people are working from home or on the road. Everyone with a device and an internet connection can be included in the design review meeting. Plus, no CAD knowledge or CAD software is required to participate in the review. That means managers or executives can be brought into early-stage design reviews when making changes is less painful and time-consuming.

Because any team member can view, rotate, markup, and measure your model, manager or executive signoffs are accelerated since they can see—and better understand—the full 3D version of the product for themselves.

Design efficiencies also increase by getting real-time design for manufacturing advice from the shop floor or manufacturing vendors, avoiding potentially expensive downstream manufacturing issues. Making 3D available to everyone is like sharing a common language; everyone can fully understand it, eliminating the need for non-engineers to interpret (or attempt to imagine) what a 2D drawing is trying to communicate.

Eliminate Email Challenges

One of the challenges of product development is managing communications throughout the process, which can include managers, vendors, and customers. Managing all those project emails quickly becomes unwieldy, often requiring a myriad of folders and subfolders.

The cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform takes a different approach, allowing communications from an exclusive, secure place on the cloud. Project communities you set up on the platform enable everyone to make posts, ask questions, or present product ideas, all in the same shared environment, making traceability automatic—no more managing tons of project emails.

Disputes with co-workers or managers or clients can be quickly resolved by reviewing communication threads, which makes it easy to solve disagreements without the frustration of digging through piles of emails and associated folders. Making it easy to manage this critical communication task can instantly increase design project efficiencies.

Manage Real-time Data

Product changes are a pain. Managing updates is an integral part of designing and engineering products, whether major design issues or minor changes. One of the nice things about connecting to the platform is that you always access live data; there is no risk of being out of sync on model revisions or assembly configurations. And there is no need to set up a PDM or PLM system; the data management capabilities are baked right into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The platform provides the technology infrastructure to manage SOLIDWORKS product design data and documents on the cloud.

Immersive PDM and PLM tools are integrated within SOLIDWORKS, with roles like Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS becoming the gateway to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. You can push new revisions of your design and set maturity states with no special setup required. (Talk about efficiency!) Attach your data to Collaborative Tasks to help keep a project organized and on schedule. Formal change controls, such as Issue Management, Approval Routing, and Change Actions are right in front of every SOLIDWORKS user and the designs they are working on via SOLIDWORKS.

Become More Efficient

By connecting to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, designers can continue their work in SOLIDWORKS. At the same time, the design data becomes part of a unified product definition, which enables the seamless use of the data throughout the connected enterprise. As designs change, the shared common data updates automatically, so everyone stays in sync, increasing efficiency across the board.

Collaboration with all stakeholders is critical in today’s product development process. Managing design data, assigning tasks, conducting reviews, and sharing ideas give you a strategic advantage. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the infrastructure and tools to bring together everyone in the product development process in a singular, dynamic product development environment.

The result is faster, more efficient product development.

If you have any questions regarding connecting SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, please get in touch with your local reseller.



Jerome Marget

Jerome Marget

Jerome joined SOLIDWORKS in 2008. He held different technical roles including large accounts management before he joined the Product Management Team in 2016. He is now focused on data management products and specifically on SOLIDWORKS PDM. Jerome likes new challenges and is always eager to fix any issue. Consequently, in his spare time, you may find Jerome writing code using SOLIDWORKS’ products API to bring even more to the user community.