Investing in Market-Driven Projects

The dream: Your product design hits the ideal balance between form and function, wows everyone regarding usability, and seamlessly utilizes the top design technologies in the world. The nightmare: That “dream product” is a complete waste of time and money when too few customers buy it.

Early-stage product planning is critical to your company’s success, as is listening to your customers about what they like and do not like about your current product line. The 3DEXPERIENCE® Works solutions for planning, which includes Project Planner, Social Business Analyst, and Social Business Explorer, can help you connect product planning, sales, and marketing to the product development process.

In addition to fostering planning and business intelligence, the platform facilitates collaboration across the entire corporate ecosystem, where the entire team—whether tech-savvy or not—can participate in the process, share ideas, and provide feedback from a single platform.

Now you can make data-driven product development decisions based on market insights and manage the projects to successful completion. Let’s take a quick look at each of these roles.

Social Business Analyst

Make insight-driven business decisions through trends gathering, market listening, and competitive intelligence with the Social Business Analyst. You can choose the best sources to monitor, visualize data with customized charts, and drive intelligent decision-making. Executives can monitor industry trends to develop competitive and economic insights. Product managers can analyze curated market data to better understand what customers are saying about their products, and marketing managers benefit by efficiently segmenting the customer base, as well as performing competitive brand monitoring. The Social Business Analyst will enable you to better understand market opportunities so you can develop the right products at the right time.

Social Business Explorer

Consume, view, and drill down into the content inside a dashboard created by Social Business Analyst. You can leverage unstructured web and social data to get a real-time understanding of market trends and opportunities so you can identify how and when to develop the most promising products. You can learn customer likes and dislikes to make data-inspired product development choices that help beat the competition. When your dashboard is ready for analysis you can share it with Social Business Explorer users who can drill down into the charts, add commentary, and much more. Stay on top of industry-specific trends and news about your clients, suppliers, partners, and competitors. With the Social Business Explorer, you can drill down, review, and consolidate data shared with key decision-makers in secure 3DEXPERIENCE communities.

Project Planner

With Project Planner, you can turn these marketing insights into actionable tasks in your project throughout the product development process to help deliver a successful product to the market.

Project Planner democratizes project management and provides end-to-end visibility into a project. Project Planner connects design data with specific tasks and with assigned team members via a common, browser-based interface. In this collaborative environment, team members always see the latest status because they access live data. They can view, track, and manage one or several projects easily via their own or a shared dashboard. This improves productivity because it provides instant, accurate communication to the whole team. As soon as a task is completed, the relevant teams are notified, and project leaders receive notifications when tasks or milestones are late.

Using Project Planner in conjunction with the other planning roles (such as those above), you can leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to manage the product portfolio from the market-information gathering stage to final product delivery. Product issues identified by market monitoring and analysis tools can be seamlessly communicated to Engineering via the platform. Project Planner is also equipped with built-in CAD viewing capabilities that do not require additional plug-ins, so key stakeholders can easily participate in the review process at any stage. Any team member can monitor progress while on the go, receive project notifications, and access project content from any location.

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Companies can no longer innovate, design, and manufacture in a vacuum. Listening, understanding, and adjusting to market changes are critical to success. By leveraging Social Business Analyst, Social Business Explorer, and Project Planner, you feed your business insights to improve your products and services to better meet your customers’ needs.

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Salih Alani

Salih Alani

Salih Alani joined SOLIDWORKS in 2013. He held SOLIDWORKS technical support position focused on core SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight, licensing (Online Licensing), and Lead Technical Support of 3D CONTENTCENTRAL, Technical Support Account Manager for Enterprise Subscription Services (ESS) customer account and lead organizer for VAR Performance Tuning Workshop in Dassault Systèmes Waltham before he joined the SOLIDWORKS Product Management Team in 2020. He is now focused on 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS cloud roles along with collaboration on the 3DEPERIENCE Platform. Salih Alani is Graduate of the University of Technology, Iraq - Baghdad with BS in Mechanical Engineering, graduate of Northeastern University with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in mechanics and design.