Expanding your Manufacturing Capabilities with DELMIA NC

The pool of manufacturers to choose from is typically worldwide, which can mean a race to the bottom regarding costs. The labor market is tight, so getting talented people in the door is difficult. How can technology help you bridge the gap? Digital automation. Multitasking machines. Robotics. All can help you optimize production with fewer human resources while still meeting or exceeding specifications for both simple and complex parts.

But technology itself is not the answer. And buying the latest and greatest technology might not always make sense at your company. Besides, it is how you leverage technology that makes real payback happen.

You should use technology to optimize each process since it can keep you in the game while still making a profit for your company. However, the bullet meets the bone in how you link technology together—that’s where the real power comes into play. Before you even turn on the machines for production, an entire host of technologies must play their part in getting you to the “one and done” utopia of manufacturing.

Let’s briefly look at how DELMIA NC can help you get where you want to go.

Digital Transformation

Smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are based upon the ideology of a single source of truth, which means one place where all the product development data is stored, leveraged, and updated—essentially a single location or reference point for all the data. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides a single source of truth from design through DELMIA (manufacturing), securely accessible to key stakeholders throughout your organization.

Machine Complexity and Automation

CNC machines are becoming more complex and automated. They are also more affordable than ever, so companies are adopting high production machines capable of making complex parts. The challenge is that traditional mid-range CAM solutions have not kept pace with the capabilities of the machines they are controlling. Tools like DELMIA that have spent the last 35+ years in automotive and aerospace are built for the complexity of these machines that are now available to everyone. Using the correct CAM system for the right machine is a must to shorten your return on investment.

Skills Gap and Virtual Twin

As experienced machinists and programmers retire, there is a significant skills gap, especially regarding experience to run these new complex machines. To attract new talent and ensure what inexperienced programmers create is correct, you need to have the virtual twin and verification as you program. Companies can’t risk downtime in our worldwide competitive environment due to a machining crash or inexperienced programmers.

DELMIA provides the user with a true virtual twin of the physical machine to allow new and inexperienced programmers to get up to speed quickly and verify that the program is correct the first time while minimizing downtime of the CNC equipment.  The virtual twin also provides gamification of programming that attracts the next generation to high-tech manufacturing and robotics.

Manufacturing Without Firefighting

DELMIA NC can help you do more with less and, when connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provides an unrivaled level of associativity between product engineering, manufacturing processes, and resources. Companies can better manage concurrent engineering and manufacturing flows and shorten the design-to-manufacturing cycle.

If you’d like to see a demo or have more questions, please contact your local reseller for more information about DELMIA NC.


Michael Buchli
Michael Buchli has 20 years of design and manufacturing experience throughout the Midwest ranging from Aerospace to recycling systems. A number of those years were spent learning and understanding workflows and processes to improve efficiency and productivity. From running CNC equipment to welding and painting Michael has been hands-on in all aspects of bringing products to market. Michael is also certified in many areas of mfg and a CSWP. He has also written the CAMWorks Handbook.