Go Quickly from 3D Model to CNC Instructions with Smart Manufacturing

As digital transformations, such as Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, are underway, it’s more crucial than ever for manufacturing companies to stay on the forefront of technology to stay competitive. States like Nebraska where I live are currently focusing on educating its manufacturing community on awareness and adoption of Industry 4.0, so manufacturers don’t get left behind.

We don’t want our customers to get left behind either. Solutions like NC Shop Floor Programmer in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio are purpose-built to help manufacturing companies solve their Industry 4.0 transition. NC Shop Floor Programmer enables programmers to easily create instructions on how to manufacture models for computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

Here are some of the capabilities of NC Shop Floor Programmer I’m most proud of and believe you can benefit the most from.

Feature Recognition

Feature Recognition automatically identifies machinable features and lets you use operations from previous programming. For instance, automated hole recognition automatically generates drilled holes on the part after you’ve identified where the first similar size goes.

Feature Recognition speeds up axial machining by capturing diameters and depths of all the holes on the part, eliminating the need to interrogate the model and determine the correct tools to use later and simplify other machining operations. You won’t have to worry about checking every hole diameter to make sure it is a tapped hole vs. clearance.

Hole Feature Recognition

True Surface Machining

The Surface Machining tools in NC Shop Floor Programmer are exceptional as they reference the 3D model in its entirety. This speeds up calculation time on complex geometry. Traditional mid-range computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solutions require meshing to happen in the background to generate a toolpath based on deviation between the mesh and computer-aided design (CAD) geometry.

Machine Simulation

Machine simulation functionality enables programmers like you to easily identify accessibility and collision issues. It helps you to detect machine axis limit errors, tool reachability problems, and create simulation time charts. You can also review your numerical control (NC) toolpath functionality by viewing a simulation of the machining process to validate your NC programs and make sure the simulation matches your manufacturing intentions.

Machine Simulation

Revision Control/Automatic Updates

NC programmers are often faced with the challenge of revision control and constant updates of CAD data from engineering and third-party vendors. With NC Shop Floor Programmer, revision updates from SOLIDWORKS® are quick and painless. The updates also happen when you are ready, not when the geometry changes from engineering. For example, you can change between revisions and have the toolpaths automatically update. This allows for full control over your manufacturing process without worrying about engineering changing something before you are ready.

Wire EDM

We’re not talking EDM as in electronic dance music, but Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities, which make it easy to program EDM machines. EDM programming is quick and powerful for any type of CAD geometry. I prefer country music over EDM, by the way.

Speaking of music, you should check out my discussion with my friend Trevor—Luke Combs look-alike— on manufacturing automation and real-time process monitoring to learn about the benefits of smart manufacturing. Check out the video below.

To recap, NC Shop Floor Programmer not only does it have all these great capabilities for creating and validating 2.5- and 3-axis NC programs, but since it runs on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform you also get built-in data management and collaboration tools. With all data stored safely on the platform you can create new programs based on proven previously used sequences of operations for NC programming. Plus, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime on any connected device. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform bridges the gap not only between design and manufacturing but enables easier collaboration across the entire organization.

To learn more, check out the first look video below:

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Michael Buchli
Michael Buchli has 20 years of design and manufacturing experience throughout the Midwest ranging from Aerospace to recycling systems. A number of those years were spent learning and understanding workflows and processes to improve efficiency and productivity. From running CNC equipment to welding and painting Michael has been hands-on in all aspects of bringing products to market. Michael is also certified in many areas of mfg and a CSWP. He has also written the CAMWorks Handbook.