Explore Simulation-Driven Design

Designing products for real-world applications, big and small, requires testing and validation. With 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS you can design, simulate, adjust, and validate all on one platform. Want to learn how? On Monday, October 5, tune in to Exploring 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Live and discover how 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS combines SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA to empower your  collaborative, simulation-driven design workflows.

Industry Process Consultants Gian Calise and Michael Steeves will showcase design and simulation workflows working in tandem. Using the subdivision modeling capabilities of 3D Sculptor and the parametric modeling capabilities of 3D Creator, Gian will create an ergonomic, formfitting wireless earbud (and an ear to go with it).


Michael will then leverage the power of the Abaqus solver with Structural Performance Engineer to simulate real world behavior, validate performance, and guide the design to a perfect fit. He will run a simulation for a fit analysis and drop test to make sure the earbuds can truly be considered the next generation of wireless comfort.

Using collaboration tools, Gian and Michael will effectively communicate with one another, make design changes, and share simulation test results. Designers and analysts will understand how they can use these same tools to synergize their product development process.

In less than 30 minutes, viewers will understand how the various design, simulation, and collaboration tools of 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS come together to allow for smooth and steady workflows for all phases of the design process. Become an explorer and register for the webinar today.


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