SOLIDWORKS Certification Offer for Subscription Service Customers

SOLIDWORKS certifications are a great way to show off your mastery of SOLIDWORKS at different levels and different areas of the software.   We offer exams from the Associate to the Professional and even Expert level.  The exam subjects include core SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, advanced areas such as Sheet Metal, Surfacing, Additive Manufacturing, and PDM to name a few.  These certifications are a great way to get your resume noticed by prospective employers or to let your management know that you are progressing in experience with SOLIDWORKS.

The cost of the exams range from $19.95 USD for the advanced exams to $99 USD for the core exams and $150 USD for the Expert exams.  If you work for a company that owns a license of SOLIDWORKS under Subscription Service contract, you can take advantage of our special offer and receive complimentary exams every 6 months.

Our team occasionally gets questions from both customers and reseller AE’s alike regarding the Subscription Services Certification Offers and the rules governing them.  If your SOLIDWORKS license is on a current Subscription Service contract, you can take advantage of the SOLIDWORKS Certification offers.  Click here for more information regarding the SOLIDWORKS Certification Subscription Service offer and how to claim your complimentary vouchers.

Here are a few things to help understand the offer:

  • Don’t think of getting complimentary vouchers twice a year (though technically this happens).  Think of it as getting one set of vouchers every semester.  The two redemption periods per year per SOLIDWORKS ID are from Jan 1 to June 30 and then from July 1 to Dec 31.  You can think of it as resetting every Jan 1 and July 1.  Only one set of vouchers is given per SOLIDWORKS ID per semester.  If the user does not claim the vouchers in a semester, they lose them.
  • One set of vouchers consists of one core exam (CSWA or CSWP), one advanced exam (Sheet Metal, Surfacing, Drawing Tools, Mold Making and Weldments) and one specialty exam (Simulation exams, MBD, CPPA, etc.).  This means that you can potentially claim more than $300 worth of vouchers every year.
  • Every redemption needs a unique SOLIDWORKS ID.  So if a company has, for example, 30 licenses, up to 30 different SOLIDWORKS ID’s can claim one set of vouchers each per semester (Jan to June and then July to Dec) as long as that SOLIDWORKS ID is linked to the company SOLIDWORKS serial number or numbers properly.  You can create your SOLIDWORKS ID here.  If you have any difficulties creating your account or do not know your SOLIDWORKS serial number, please  contact your SOLIDWORKS reseller.  Unfortunately, our team doesn’t have any visibility into the SOLIDWORKS ID system.
  • Any vouchers claimed can be shared.  For example, if user1 with SOLIDWORKS ID1 gets a set of vouchers and then user2 with SOLIDWORKS ID2 gets a second set of vouchers, those two users can use the vouchers however they see fit.  They can use the vouchers themselves, trade them with the other user, or give them away to someone else if they wish.
  • This offer is only open to commercial SOLIDWORKS customers on active Subscription Service.

To learn more about what other benefits are included with your Subscription Service, Click Here.

Thank you for your interest in the SOLIDWORKS Certification program.  If you have any questions, please email our team at

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