DraftSight Connected to the Cloud

DraftSight Beta, a powerful and intuitive way to create, edit, and view DWG files, was launched in June 2010. Nine months and over 400,000 downloads later, the product moved to general availability in February 2011.

Today DraftSight has been downloaded millions of times and customers continue to switch to DraftSight from legacy CAD packages. One of the reasons for DraftSight’s popularity is its commitment to its community and improving the product based on user feedback. However, there has not been a complete end-to-end option for collaboration and data management for DraftSight customers until now.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® Collaborative Designer for DraftSight role will connect DraftSight CAD software data to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which provides always-on, secure access from any location—home, work, or on the road.

Built-in Platform Capabilities

Through customer research, DraftSight discovered that users want more project management tools, collaborative drawing reviews, and live product status updates, among other things.

Has this ever happened to you? “Which version is the good version? MasterGoodGoodFinal or FinalMasterGood?”


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform addresses many of these needs, and more. For one, the platform allows you to store all your drawings in a centralized, secure location from any device without any installation. Users simply log in to their account with a unique 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

The platform enables you to manage the lifecycle of DWG and DXF files, simulation models, and documentation across disciplines and CAD applications.

Project/task management apps help you to easily track issues, changes, and routes (workflows), including the ability to provide real-time updates to your team. Key team members can preview drawings using zoom, pan, and mark up functions with instinctive multi-touch gestures all directly accessed from within your web browser—even non-CAD users can participate in the review process.

Collaborative Tasks provide everything you and your team need to organize projects of any size. Open a task to add comments, upload file attachments, add labels, due dates, and more.


Community Matters

With the new capabilities offered on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DraftSight users can always be confident that clients and colleagues get the right drawing (not an obsolete version). Also, it is easy to reuse libraries of drawings and block resources. The platform simplifies your work because all the tools you need are within the system.

Create the communities that matter to you


 DraftSight continues to rely on its valued community of users to continue its legacy of solving customer problems. We are very excited about connecting with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as it fulfills many of our users’ enhancement requests—and more. Bobst, a DraftSight customer, recently stated: Dassault Systèmes has invested in development in light of these trends in order to provide value to our customers.

We are proud to announce the 3DEXPERIENCE for DraftSight role to meet our enterprise customer’s needs.

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Eli Mather

Eli is DraftSight Online Strategy & Business Development Senior Manager at SOLIDWORKS. He has many years of experience in management across manufacturing and online communities. He enjoys being outdoors with family and friends and sharing ideas and creations including his cooperatively produced wine.

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