Building an Ideas Pipeline on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Are you always trying to find a better way to sync up with your teammates to brainstorm? Or searching for a place to keep all your ideas and information? Not really sure of what design phase you’re even in? We get it; product development is a complicated endeavor with lots of moving pieces. Don’t worry—3DEXPERIENCE WORKS® has you covered. Meet the ideas pipeline.

3D Swym is the main collaboration hub on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, a place where users can create communities and share ideas. There are many ways to communicate and collaborate with coworkers, suppliers, or anyone considered a stakeholder in your product development process. One of the ways to share on 3D Swym is posting an idea to your community. Then, when you filter your posts and see just ideas, you will see the ideas pipeline, also known as the ideas funnel.

With the ideas pipeline, you have a visual representation of the different phases in your ideation process, and you can edit and manage the phases in whatever way best suits your needs. You can add as many phases to the ideas pipeline as you want; it’s configurable and caters to your specific needs, with plenty of filtering options. You can see all the ideas you and your team have created, and see which ideas are actionable and decide which ideas should become a reality.

The beauty of the ideas pipeline is that any department or group within your business can use it, once you grant them access to the data. Any sort of project or initiative that has phases or needs people or products organized into categories is manageable with the ideas pipeline.

The ideas pipeline is a great way communicate and collaborate with team members in one place, not to mention a great way to keep all your ideas organized. When your team uses the ideas pipeline, developing projects and generating ideas is not only easy, it’s fun to look at, too.

Why try 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS? Because it works! Sign up for a free trial today and make some big brain moves with the brainstorming and collaboration tools of the future.


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