Learn the Value of Simulation in our Webinar Series

Last month, we officially kicked off the SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIAworks webinar series. We are excited to bring this educational and awareness event to you. The webinars are broken down into two major themes:

Theme # 1 – The Value of Simulation / Which Design is the best?

Part 1: “Driving Design Decisions using SOLIDWORKS Simulation” is focused on answering the fundamental question:

How can SOLIDWORKS Simulation help drive your design decision-making process?

The webinar specifically provides a high-level overview of Why, What, When & How of Simulation?  Design cases such as the example below are used to illustrate how as a SOLIDWORKS user, you can leverage the integrated design and simulation approach to making better and informed design decisions.

Click here to watch the recording of this webinar for complete details.

You can also register now for any or all of the upcoming webinars:

May 6th: Got Moving Parts? Motion Simulation can help! click here
May 20th: Using CFD to Drive Product Performance click here
June 3rd: Can Your Plastics Part be Manufactured? click here

Theme # 2 – Improving Productivity using SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Part 1: “2D Analysis Versus 3D Analysis – Who Wins?” is summarized below.

Everything in the world is 3D of course, but some simulations lend themselves to a 2D analysis, depending on the study type, geometry, loads and constraints. In Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we talk about Axisymmetric, Plane Stress and Plane Strain problems (see image below for examples). . If the study qualifies, the advantage of a 2D analysis over 3D in these cases is a faster solution time with an even higher accuracy if you use a finer mesh. In this webinar, you will see the requirements and benefits of 2D analysis, and how to setup a SOLIDWORKS Simulation study using 2D Simplification. A quick technical tip and a few industry examples are also discussed towards the end of this webinar presentation.

Click here to watch the recording of this webinar for complete details.

You can also register now for any or all of the upcoming webinars.

May 6th: Making the Right Decisions – FEA vs. CFD click here
May 20th: Addressing Vibration Issues – Statics vs. Dynamics click here
June 3rd: Large Assembly Analysis Made Easy click here
June 17th: Topology Optimization – Exploring the AM Space click here




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