Maintaining SOLIDWORKS Design and Data Efficiency While Working From Home

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge that affects all aspects of life. Many SOLIDWORKS users are now working from home due to restricted access to office locations.

You may be using a personal home computer or a borrowed company computer that is not as optimally configured as the professional-grade workstation you normally use. Additionally, the network connection from your home to your company’s data storage locations may be substantially different from the speed and stability to which you are accustomed when working in the office.

To help you maintain efficiency throughout your design and data management activities, the Technical Support Experts from our Global SOLIDWORKS team have compiled information to help optimize your experience with SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS PDM from home.

You can find these tips and suggestions, clicking this link or by visiting the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, logging in, select “Knowledge Base,” and then searching for S-077757.

After you select “S-077757 Are there any guidelines for working from home using the SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS® PDM products?” you can find the two documents crafted by our SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS PDM technical experts.

If you have any questions about these documents, or other work from home concerns, please contact your local SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller.

Working together, we want to ensure you are able to stay connected and productive, effectively collaborate, and maintain business continuity during these challenging times.


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Expert Technical Support Engineer, Escalation Manager for the Americas at SOLIDWORKS
Mark Johnson is the SOLIDWORKS Escalation Manager for the Americas. He also has resolved the highest number of technical support cases in SOLIDWORKS support history – over 45,000! This experience gives him a unique perspective which he leverages to train our VAR community and take part in the SOLIDWORKS Development process to improve overall customer experience. Mark also hosts and organizes the SOLIDWORKS World AE Workshop for the past 10 years and The VAR Performance Tuning Workshops (VPTW) at company HQ.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson