SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Seeing is Believing

To effectively pursue new business opportunities with non-technical clients, EM Dynamics Metal Fabrication, a leading Canadian product development consultancy and contract manufacturer, must effectively and realistically showcase design concepts in 3D.

Clients must be visually impressed and convinced by a presentation prototype before they buy.  Presenting “life-like” design concepts to clients, however, wasn’t fast or easy, and producing physical prototypes of proposed design concepts was time-consuming and expensive.

EM Dynamics turned to third-party tools to create photorealistic renderings, but it was not a seamless process. The prohibitive cost and time required to make and showcase such prototypes were holding the company back.

Leveraging Technology

To achieve its commitment of leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide clients with a high level of design, engineering, process control, and manufacturing support, EM Dynamics standardized on SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software.

The company uses SOLIDWORKS Standard and Professional, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The ease of using SOLIDWORKS made it the obvious choice for EM Dynamics. They also love the integration of sheet-metal design and SOLIDWORKS Simulation, which makes developing products and refining prototypes fast and easy.

In addition to the increased creative capacity, EM Dynamics can transform design concepts into compelling photorealistic images indistinguishable from high-end photography, which further helps them communicate its creativity, hence impress clients.

Better Tools, Better Sales

Not only can EM Dynamics accurately show clients how a final design concept appears without building life-like physical presentation prototypes, but it has also enabled the company to shorten design time by 30 percent.

Further, changes made during product development automatically transfer to SOLIDWORKS Visualize, so everyone involved stays informed, and the design-through-manufacturing process is sped up by 10 percent because everyone can agree on everything faster.

In addition to shortened design time, increased rendering power makes it possible to create at least ten possibilities for most projects, which impresses clients and helps win new business.

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