Unveiling SOLIDWORKS 2020: Built for Speed with Streamlined Workflows

Today is an exciting day at SOLIDWORKS as we roll out the highly anticipated release of SOLIDWORKS® 2020. We realize our users are under constant pressure to do more in less time. With this in mind, we have added new functionality and enhancements that will speed up and improve their product development processes while removing the bottlenecks that impede innovation and stall development cycles.

Join us today for three sessions beginning at 11AM, 1PM and 2PM EST that will each address the new functionality and enhancements (Improved Performance, Streamlined Workflows and Connectivity). You will learn more about how you can harness the power of SOLIDWORKS 2020 to improve your ability to innovate—even under demanding timelines—and ultimately improve your company’s competitive advantage.

This release focuses specifically on the following areas:

Improved Performance – SOLIDWORKS 2020 has greatly improved the performance, allowing you to work more efficiently. Specific performance improvements include:

  • New Detailing mode and graphics acceleration for drawings: The new mode lets you open your drawing in a matter of seconds while maintaining the ability to add and edit annotations within the drawing. With graphics acceleration, SOLIDWORKS now fully supports high-end graphics cards for drawings, which provides more responsive, real-time display for large drawings.


  • Envelope Publisher: Design speed is improved through the use of the new Envelope Publisher which allows you to include components from a top-level assembly as envelopes in a subassembly. This dramatically reduces the amount of model data that needs to be loaded while working on large assemblies.
  • Large Design Review mode is the fastest way to open an assembly in SOLIDWORKS and it has been improved to be even more flexible. Now you can create mates to the reference geometry of components when you edit an assembly in Large Design Review as well as Hide or Show the reference geometry in the top-level assembly and components.
  • Hybrid Mesh: For Simulation, an improved mesh formulation allows both Draft and High quality solid elements to coexist in the same simulation study. Draft is faster in solution time while High quality is more accurate. The result is quicker solving time.
An improved mesh formulation allows both Draft and high-quality solid elements to coexist in the same simulation study.


Streamlined Workflows – SOLIDWORKS 2020 has greatly streamlined the workflows, allowing you to work more efficiently. Specific workflow improvements include:

  • Make Part Flexible is a new capability that allows you to display the same part in different conditions in the same assembly. For example, the same spring exists twice in the same assembly, but in 2 different conditions – compressed and not compressed. This ensures that the BOM is accurate which helps purchasing to order the right components and saves design time as more versions of the same part are no longer needed.
    Display the same part in different conditions in the same assembly with Make Parts Flexibility functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2020.


  • Simulation Evaluator is a new feature that checks your Simulation model for common errors related to result location, material and mesh volume. It empowers Simulation users with the confidence of having the correct Simulation setup and results.
    Check your Simulation model for common errors related to result location, material and mesh volume with the new Simulation Evaluator in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020.


Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem – SOLIDWORKS 2020 has improved connectivity to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to allow you to easily manage your entire development process. Specific workflow improvements include:

  • Data, project and lifecycle management tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform connect with SOLIDWORKS desktop (coming in November) to enable you to manage product designs and documents directly from the desktop authoring application. Easily perform lifecycle operations and never miss any key milestones or delivery dates.
  • 3D Sculptor is a new 3DEXPERIENCE offering for subdivision (Sub-D) modeling allowing dramatically faster modeling of highly stylized and organic shape designs. 3D Sculptor runs in a browser and is seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS desktop applications.
  • Business innovation is a collection of collaboration tools that provide users with the ability to create custom dashboards and social communities, a 3D visualization tool and secure storage to enable your teams to instantly share data, collect feedback, iterate on designs and make informed decisions faster.
  • Improvements to SOLIDWORKS PDM, the SOLIDWORKS Electrical connector and a new SOLIDWORKS PCB connector allow for complete electronics design and data management – including the secure storage, indexing and versioning of all your data – while enabling tighter collaboration between ECAD and MCAD teams.

So don’t miss this opportunity to hear about all these exciting new enhancements that will help you go from idea to product in record time. Tune in on YouTube or Facebook today starting at 11:00 AM EST as we unveil SOLIDWORKS 2020 and all the new capabilities and enhancements that promise to streamline your entire product development process and give your team a competitive advantage. Click on the links below to join us today!

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