Planning a Wedding? We can help.

Have you ever planned a wedding, a house addition, or a development project? In many ways the planning is the same.  You need to identify what needs to get done, who needs to do it and the key deliverable dates to make sure your project gets done on time. After all, if the bride and groom show up on time, it would be good if everything and everyone else did as well.

Every project requires a team to do the work and a list of tasks. It could be caterers, flower arrangers and a justice of the peace, or a group of designers, systems engineers and technical experts. Everyone has a set of tasks to do.  Some are individual tasks and some are shared.

But, how do you effectively coordinate everyone’s activities to ensure they get done on time?

A common way is to use a spreadsheet or, if you’re really sophisticated, Microsoft Project. The spreadsheet is YOUR way of keeping track, but it doesn’t really help the rest of the team.  How do they know they even have a task? And, it doesn’t accommodate changes very well.  Microsoft Project is OK, but you’re a wedding planner, acting main contractor or a designer, not a project manager.   So it’s a bit overwhelming.

What you need is a simple, easy-to-access, simple-to-use planning tool for team-based planning. You need Project Planner on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  Project Planner is a cloud-based project management tool with a simple user interface that enables anyone to manage team-based projects, define key dates and share tasks.

Create and assign tasks on a mobile device


Project Planner enables small groups to work together and track tasks without a heavy, top-down project management approach. This team-based approach is very effective in managing small or even large, complex projects. The overall responsibility of managing projects rests with the entire team rather than a single individual making the project run efficiently in all phases. Team members can make adjustments, such as adding or deleting tasks, identifying dependencies and updating delivery dates as the project progresses all in an easy-to-use Ghant chart view. They even automatically get notifications when they are assigned a task.

Manage team projects


For SOLIDWORKS designers managing projects it is exceptionally well-suited because you can attach content directly to the project tasks. With Project Planner team members can drag and drop deliverables into the task, which automatically updates the task status at the project level. Team members can provide feedback on the work done by putting comments directly into the task viewable by the task owner. Try that with a spreadsheet or MS project. Actually don’t, because you can’t.

Access tasks from within SOLIDWORKS CAD.


When SOLIDWORKS is connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can attach SOLIDWORKS files (drawing, part, assembly) to a task.  Anyone opening the task has everything they need to review the work. And since Project Planner is cloud-based and web-enabled, your team members can access the plans and their tasks from anywhere, at any-time and on any device.

All you need to worry about now is whether or not the bride and groom show up.

Howie Markson

Howie Markson is Global Offer Marketing Director for Dassault Systemes. He has also been a Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager and a Mechanical Engineer for companies large and small.

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