Seven Reasons SOLIDWORKS Manage Is Your Best Bet for Data Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage was introduced in the 2018 launch of SOLIDWORKS to fill the void between Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. While SOLIDWORKS Manage may not be considered a complete PLM solution, the product offers solutions to many of the requirements set forth by the PLM strategy. Let’s dive into why you should take a hard look at SOLIDWORKS Manage over the rest!
1. SOLIDWORKS Manage is integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM is integrated into the full suite of SOLIDWORKS products and uses the standard Windows file explorer. With SOLIDWORKS Manage tying into your PDM vault, you have access to Manage functions such as sending a file through a process or creating a task from the file explorer. This allows you to leverage your data in all SOLIDWORKS applications with the organization and structure provided by PDM + Manage.
  • If you already own SOLIDWORKS and are using SOLIDWORKS PDM, then Manage is a perfect fit! It is built to sit on top of your PDM environment and give streamlined access to the PDM documents while also allowing for the creation of record-based objects. This makes creating complex BOMs a breeze by being able to directly leverage your CAD data with items created in SOLIDWORKS Manage. Since SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional licenses are included with your purchase of Manage, there is a direct upgrade path to leverage the investment already made into SOLIDWORKS PDM licenses.
  • If you do not have SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS Manage licenses include seats for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, which can then be used to implement your own PDM environment. Basically, you’ll get more bang for your buck.
2. One Software with All Tools Included
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage is a one-stop shop. There are no separate modules to navigate through to get all of the capabilities offered by Manage.
3. Open Administration Tools
  • Access to administration functions to make changes on the fly without having to pay for additional costly services on top of the initial implementation cost.
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage implementations can include training from your implementer to teach you to fish instead of relying on paying for each and every change.
4. Shorter Implementation Time = Lower Costs
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage is generally a much shorter implementation time that can range from a couple of days for a simple setup (Engineering Change Process only) to a few weeks (Dashboard, Reports, Project, and Processes). Trust us, we’re experts!
5. Technical Support Included with Subscription
  • SOLIDWORKS subscription services give you access to our team of highly qualified support staff and all support requests are included in your subscription.
  • Not only is support included in your subscription costs, but so are the yearly upgrades allowing you to always use the latest and greatest version of the software!
6. Upgrades
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage upgrade is a much simpler process that only requires an update to the client software, which can be rolled out using standard windows software deployments. The server side of the upgrade is simplified by the wizard approach of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.
7. Remote Access
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage has a robust plenary web client that can be accessed remotely on any internet connected device. Never skip a beat due to not having access to your data.

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