Educating engineers outside of the classroom with Marie Planchard [Podcast]


We are all a part of a few communities, and for each community you are a part of, there is usually a community leader, and sometimes that leader is you, because someone needs to lead the community to schedule meetings, or take some direction for the group.  Marie Planchard exemplifies community for SOLIDWORKS.  If you are not familiar with the name (well, first of all, I would be surprised, unless you are new to the SOLIDWORKS Community), let me introduce you:  Marie Planchard is the Director of Education for SOLIDWORKS.  However, she is so much more.  She is, or has been a part of many communities at SOLIDWORKS, including the SOLIDWORKS Education Community, which does not just include colleges, but high school and middle schools, as well robotics teams.  She is heavily involved in SWUGN (the SolidWorks User Group Network/Community).  Marie works heavily in Women in STEM programs, with the SOLIDWORKS Incubators and Start-Ups program, and I’m sure I’m missing another one, but I think you get the point.

Marie is always very enthusiastic when working with our youth, and loves to help them take ideas into reality.  Her motto for those in engineering is: “Make it better”.

I sat down with Marie at SOLIDWORKS World earlier this year to talk about her drive to build the communities that help others in design and engineering.  Listen to my full interview here:

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We covered a lot in this interview, so I wanted to add a few links for you that Marie had mentioned:

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Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.