How SOLIDWORKS helps Extremis shape the future of furniture


Outdoor furniture. It sounds almost like a contradiction in terms. However, it’s absolutely essential if you’re to enjoy those long, hazy sun-kissed summer evenings under nature’s canopy. Whether entertaining, lazing or simply grabbing some grub, relaxing in the garden is enriched infinitely by furniture that weathers the storm. Not to mention providing comfort and functionality by the bench-load. We’ll fire up the BBQ to that.

Extremis know all about garden furniture. It’s their bread and butter. Or rather, their tables and chairs. Here’s how SOLIDWORKS helps them to do their thing.


A quick introduction to Extremis…

Extremis is a furniture designer extraordinaire. The Belgium-based company create and build innovative furniture for gardens, patios and public spaces. Constantly winning design awards, they’re a company that’s accustomed to success. In fact, as furniture makers, a new trophy cabinet for the company’s myriad accolades should probably be next on their to-do list.

What’s more, they’re a company whose accomplishments are partly down to SOLIDWORKS.


Imaginative designs and quality products take precision planning to another level. Extremis are masters at this, which is why they use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to design their products. The accurate lifelike replication of materials and physics means they can design every aspect of their products within the software.

…but how does that help?

Well, it saves hours on the clock for one. The ability to tweak designs on the fly (and test instantly) speeds up the design process enormously. Extremis’ team can try out different materials with the click of a button. Not sure about the wood effect finish? Click – try PVC instead. SOLIDWORKS afforded the team a creative immediacy to improve their product in a fraction of the time it would take to produce a prototype.

Speaking of prototypes, Extremis found that having their designs in 3D CAD meant a huge reduction in waste. After all, who needs to spend time, money and effort on an unnecessary physical product? Having the furniture plans in SOLIDWORKS takes the complication and risk out of design – and a virtual blueprint costs significantly less than a physical prototype.

That’s not all. With the build information and every component part built into the software, Extremis can communicate directly and intuitively with suppliers regarding the exact parts required without risk of error.

Lounging around

No slouches when it comes to productivity however, Extremis’ method of manufacture uses CNC machine technology, a complex set of computer tools that carve out intricate designs on command. SOLIDWORKS hands Extremis the key to get their designs made rapidly and accurately by machine. (Extremis strenuously stress-test all of their products in SOLIDWORKS Premium – no one needs a futon collapsing under them as they stretch out in the afternoon sun.)

Picture this

With their design locked into the software, Extremis take full advantage of the marketing aspects of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. With lifelike photorealistic renderings pulled straight from the CAD, it’s a smart and economical way to produce eye-pleasing pictures of the products that pop. That’s super important for a product that’s built on a balance of functionality and style.

Adding materials. Tweaking measurements. Saving time and money. From design to blueprint to marketing and manufacture, SOLIDWORKS is proud to have assisted Extremis’ “tools for togetherness”. All without so much as having to fluff a cushion.

Save us a space on the picnic bench.

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