How SOLIDWORKS is Helping LA Design

Functionality. Desirability. Innovation. It’s what separates good products from great products. Just ask LA Design. With an award shelf straining at the hinges and an enviously varied client base, it’s safe to say it has earned its’ design stripes. Best of all? LA Design uses SOLIDWORKS to bring their wonderful ideas to life.How SOLIDWORKS is helping LA Design – Smartphone Video Game
Who are LA Design?

LA Design provide high-end product design services to clients across a huge range of sectors: FMCG, medical, industrial, communications, you name it. Their speciality lies in first rate functionality, with the end user always front and centre.

How did SOLIDWORKS help LA Design?

LA Design chose SOLIDWORKS because their customer base asked for it.

Previously the team relied on a hotchpotch of different software packages to model their designs and build prototypes. Now it has cut out the mess of trying to integrate multiple platforms and streamlined their efforts onto one program. Nice. As well as pleasing their customers with this change, the team soon discovered the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS as a swift approach to problem-solving and bench-testing.

It’s part of the reason SOLIDWORKS is now the go-to platform for LA Design’s engineers. It has adapted to its user-friendly interface swiftly, transferring their skills from the practical to the virtual world with ease.
A design for life

Significantly, SOLIDWORKS has enabled LA Design to prioritise the very core of their business: design. Before SOLIDWORKS, models were slaves to the initial blueprint. Now design and build runs concurrently. No more forcing a build to fit a rigid design. That flexibility makes things way more streamlined and ultimately results in better products.

Within that process, LA Design has incorporated SOLIDWORKS Simulation to stress-test component parts of products. The ability to simulate moving parts and calculate force accurately has led to easy reverse engineering and optimised build times. Such swift application means the team can offer truly bespoke product design, which is exactly what happened when it was commissioned to produce a large number of furniture consoles for a ship’s bridge.


On paper the brief was simple; in practice, incredibly demanding. The consoles all had the same basic shape. But the specificity of each, meant that the design would require subtle, but important changes for every individual item. As SOLIDWORKS allowed the team to replicate parts with the click of a mouse, LA Design could precisely reproduce the uniform elements across the range (such as the sheet metal), going from blueprint to build, in a drastically reduced timeframe. All without compromising quality.

Where next for LA Design?

SOLIDWORKS Composer allows LA Design to create photorealistic images of their designs for use in crucial business documentation – before the product has even been built.  In essence, the team can utilise their build data from SOLIDWORKS to create high quality marketing imagery, making it easy for them to display their designs in presentations with confidence.

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