Easter Egg Hunts with SOLIDWORKS Sell

Happy Easter! It’s the time of year again for egg hunts. I thought it would be fun to play with several digital customizable eggs and try them out in a physical environment. So please check out a quick example using SOLIDWORKS Sell as shown in Figure 1 (below) on my laptop.

Figure 1. Customizable Digital Eggs Using SOLIDWORKS Sell.

Figure 2. Customizable Digital Eggs Using SOLIDWORKS Sell On An iPhone.

You can zoom and rotate the eggs. Then select an egg in the viewport and pick your favorite color at the bottom pallet. By the way, the layout is responsive to your screen size. Figure 2 shows a layout on my iPhone. So you can play with it on your phone too.

If using a Safari browser on an iPhone 6s or above with iOS 12, you may fit the favorite eggs into a physical environment. Figure 3 shows the customized eggs on a lawn using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Move the phone closer to examine each egg, such as its shape, texture, color, reflection of the surrounding grass or leaves. Moving close enough, you may even look inside an egg.

Figure 3. Fit Customized Eggs into a Physical Environment using AR.

Take a guess: where is a bunny hiding?

Hope you find it fun. Here are more live 3D configurator examples, the SOLIDWORKS Sell software homepage, and tutorial videos. SOLIDWORKS Sell is a cloud-based product and follows a biweekly release schedule. The release highlights can be found on its forum.

Oboe Wu

Product portfolio manager of SOLIDWORKS MBD, passionate about smart manufacturing opportunities, Keen listener to customer challenges, Sharp problem solver with 20 years of experiences in engineering, Sleepless father trying best to take care of a baby daughter.