SOLIDWORKS xDesign is arguably the most hotly anticipated addition to the SOLIDWORKS portfolio for many years. It represents a paradigm shift in design and is so much more than 3D CAD. It has been shown at various stages of development at previous SOLIDWORKS Worlds but 2019 is the year it will be available commercially.

But what exactly is xDesign? Well, aside from the obvious being a cloud 3D modeling tool, it is the first fully browser-based 3DEXPERIENCE for designers and engineers.

The whole world, consumers and businesses, are looking to adopt cloud technologies for many reasons. One big one is that you can access your data with a lot more freedom. You don’t have to make a plan upfront to take the data with you on USB drives or upload what you think you need into an online storage directory to download when you need it. Copying data in order to do this also leads to another issue: which is the latest version? Which is the correct version?

Next is collaboration. This is becoming more important for businesses as there are more markets, more stakeholders, and more competitors for everyone. Getting input and visibility from as many people as possible, wherever they may be, is crucial for a product’s success.
Flexibility is also important. With time pressures that never seem to get any easier, flexible tools are a lifesaver.

xDesign on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers all of these things in spades. There will be two breakout sessions at SOLIDWORKS World 2019 to get the inside scoop on xDesign. Monday at 4:30-5:30pm  and Tuesday at 1:30-2:30pm you will be able to get a full Introduction to xDesign.
Not able to make SOLIDWORKS World? Ok, sorry about that. Here’s a cut down version for you…

xDesign is a series of design and collaboration apps that are native to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. They run entirely in a web browser with no installation necessary. It is more than just a 3D modeling tool; you can also manage not only your data, but tasks, and even assign tasks to different individuals in your business. Want to get feedback on your designs or ideas? Post it to a community. All stakeholders, whether internal or external can be invited to a 3DSWYM Community to give feedback and communicate just like they would on a social media site.

As for the design elements, they are pushing boundaries too. Not sure if you want an extrude or a revolve? Doesn’t matter with Super features, you can swap back and forth, and even go to a sweep instead if you like! Need some help with the shape to get the loads you require? Design Guidance is there to do it the scientific way with a simple step-by-step process.

If you are not sure whether you should start a part or an assembly, no problem. xDesign has the flexibility to chop and change at any point in the design and change back again. There are also no “files” so you can rename features, parts or assemblies without the fear of breaking references.

xDesign is more than just CAD; it enables you to design, collaborate, communicate, share, get feedback, assign tasks, manage versions, send messages, find new suppliers and get quotes all without leaving the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It really enables you to leverage all the knowledge and know-how from your entire product development network.

Sound interestng? Well, then it’s time to give xDesign a try by going to its website.


Mark Rushton

Mark Rushton is a Product Portfolio Manager for SOLIDWORKS and has been involved with 3D CAD and 3D Printing for over 15 years in several capacities from research to consulting for the likes of Rolls Royce, GE, JCB and Dyson. When not playing with 3D printers or other tech, he is most likely out snowboarding, wake boarding or mountain biking.