Make a Better Electrical Connection with SOLIDWORKS PDM

As electrical system designers work on an electrical project, it is critical to collaborate and share pertinent data while still maintaining project integrity and accuracy.  Electrical designers can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to meet these needs.  The SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDM Connector manages Electrical projects and libraries, as well as simplifying deliverable creation.

With the electrical library synchronized with PDM, designers can determine at a glance if a part under consideration is approved for use.  Manufacturer part details are managed in PDM through data cards and then pushed into electrical upon synchronization.  Granular control allows synchronization of every manufacturer part, or just selected libraries.  This process remains seamless for the designer, who just works as normal with added confidence that the parts in use are approved and up to date.

Project Bill of Materials (BOMs) are automatically created when a project is checked in to PDM and references the synchronized part library.  You can easily see which designs are using Individual parts and it is easy to take advantage of PDM functionality like compare BOMs.  New options in 2019 allow for a broader range of choices in grouping Electrical data, including BOMs by location and by component type.  Organize data in the way that makes the most sense for you and your team.

An updated version of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDM Connector is available for 2019 with exciting enhancements for PDM admins to improve connector set up.  The PDM admin tool now can have an add-in for the connector, so defining the detailed settings is a breeze.  Admins can easily select libraries and define the data exchange from one place.  Right out of the box, the integration is preset with more data sync options for even faster set up.

Watch the video below to learn how the updated PDM connector tool for SOLIDWORKS Electrical gives you greater control of all design data.  Reduce project timescales and increase product quality by enabling better collaboration between Mechanical and Electrical design teams.



Megan Duane

Megan Duane is a SOLDIWORKS Electrical expert and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. As part of the Product Introduction team, she loves sharing all the new functionality in every release. She also loves to travel, hike and try new restaurants.

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