2018 in Review: Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

As 2018 quickly comes to an end, we thought it would be good to look back over the last year and share what has been this year’s 10 most popular blogs on our corporate blog.

So without further ado, the top 10 blogs are:

1. Every year, our users eagerly await news of what new enhancements and functionalities will be included in the new release of SOLIDWORKS. This year was certainly no different with this blog, written by Craig Therrien, coming in at the top of the list. Read “SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Design and Manufacturing just got Easier, Faster and Smarter” to learn about the many exciting improvements and new capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 2019 that help you design, present, and communicate your ideas faster and easier.

2. Next up was this blog written by Mohit Daga entitled “What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019” that outlines everything that went into this release of SOLIDWORKS Composer—all of which were a direct result of our community of users who have always been proactive in giving us their best feedback.

3. This next blog, contributed by SOLIDWORKS VAR MLC CAD Systems, provides guidelines for employers who are looking to hire the right designers and engineers. This blog, entitled “What to Look for When Hiring a SOLIDWORKS Engineer or Designer,” will help you find the right person to maximize the return on your SOLIDWORKS investment.

4. In the fourth position, we have a blog contributed by SOLIDWORKS UK entitled, “How Technology Continues to Revolutionise the Film Industry.” Read it to find out how technology will play a role in pushing the multi-billion dollar film industry to the next generation of movie-goers.

5. This next blog was published during SOLIDWORKS World 2018 in LA and gave our users a preview of what new features would be coming in SOLIDWORKS 2019. Read “SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview- Part 2” to learn what new features teased back in February got readers really excited.

6. Everyone was excited to learn more about our Extended Reality (XR) technology, which is part of SOLIDWORKS 2019. In this blog, “Extended Reality Now Available to Test,” Brian Hillner introduced SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) – a method to transform your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually – opening the future of design and engineering.

7. This blog, written by Mike Buchili, announces that while there were a lot of significant improvements to SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and Professional in the 2019 release, other exciting new features were also being added this year in some of the service packs. Because we don’t want to wait to get some of our new features, we will be adding Rest Machining to VoluMill in Service Pack 1. Read “SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2019 Adds Rest Machining to Volumill” to learn more details.

8. For the mold makers out there, this blog probably came as good news. Mike Puckett’s blog announced the fact that a SOLIDWORKS Mold Making exam is now available. Previously known as “Mold Tools,” this exam is a more industry-focused exam that includes a collection of new challenges and data sets that will test your mold making skills and Mold industry knowledge using SOLIDWORKS. Visit the Certification Catalog to learn more.

9. Our readers were super stoked to learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS xDesign. The September 2018 upgrade to 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform brought with it new features and enhancements that are now available to all SOLIDWORKS xDesign users. The xDesign upgrade focused on bringing new features along with several productivity and usability enhancements. Learn more in “What’s New in xDesign-X04” to get all the details.

10. Perhaps not surprisingly, “SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 1” that provided a glimpse of what was coming in SOLIDWORKS 2019 rounded out our top 10 blog posts of 2018. In this blog, published back during SOLIDWORKS World 2018, Kurt Anliker provided a teaser on some of the exciting new capabilities that would possibly show up in SOLIDWORKS 2019.

We would like to thank you all for reading our SOLIDWORKS blog, and we hope you all have a very happy, healthy new year.

Barb Schmitz

Barb Schmitz

Senior Marketing Communications Manager at SolidWorks
Barb Schmitz is a Senior Manager in Marketing Communications with BA in Journalism and over 30 years of experience in the CAD software industry. She started her career as a journalist covering technology and served as an editor for several leading industry publications for over 20 years. Besides being a sleuth of tech, she is a loyal dog owner, travel bum, mom, lover of hoppy IPAs, red wine, and alternative music lover living in the great city of Chicago.