SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 1

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW is always one of the highlights of SOLIDWORKS World. Users love getting a “sneak peek” at some of the new features coming in the next release and the Product Introduction Team always seems to find a unique and interesting way demonstrate the new features. This year’s edition takes you “Behind the Scenes and Behind the Screens” to share how the SOLIDWORKS World Skit gets created, personalities of everyone on the team, and insider information, like how we decide what demos to share, what we say, and even where Model Mania® Parts come from.

The skit for SOLIDWORKS World 2018 actually began on Saturday with the “accidental” posting of the wrong poster to Social Media and putting up the incorrect banners around the LA Convention Center spreading the word:

“This year the skit starts on Day 1”


In the first installment of the skit, Gian Paolo emphatically ends the production of the Star Wars Sequel. This created significant stress for Megan and Yan who quickly write DEMO-Lition and create some drama by cutting Jeremy Regnerus from this year’s edition. Needless to say, this new script was not well received by Ian Pilkington either, who was banking on another leading role in the SOLIDWORKS World skit. After repeated takes, Ian finally delivered a “good take” demonstration including:

Save Assembly as Multi Body Part enhancements

  • Remove internal components using a slider bar
  • Specify bounding box sizes to include or exclude individual components
  • Exclude all toolbox components with a single selection
  • Assembly mass properties can be transferred to the part
  • Settings can be saved as System options

Multi-Body Part Interference Checking

  • Works exactly as you’d expect
  • Supports Weldments

External Reference UI improvements

  • Highlight and break/lock references on a feature–by-feature basis (previously it was only possible to do this on a part-by-part basis)

  • Isolate components with external references

  • Break or lock external reference from the feature manager using the dynamic references tool

DeNoiser in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

  • Built on innovative new AI technology from NVIDIA
  • Visualize uses machine learning to analyze the scene, find, and remove noise
  • Drastic – 10X improvements in rendering performance


By the time Day 1 General Session was finished, the Posters had been changed out and the social media content updated. Stay tuned for more on Day 2.


This concludes Part 1 of the 2018 Skit Blog… stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll continue with the developments from SOLIDWORKS World General Session Day 2 and see what else the Product Introduction team can sneak out from the developers and share.

TO BE CONTINUTED…………………………………

* As a reminder, this IS a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW and features / functionality are always changing until fully vetted and not guaranteed to be in the next release.

Kurt Anliker

Kurt Anliker

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