SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 2

In case you haven’t read PART 1… click here.

Didn’t click? Ok, here’s the recap…. Ian wanted to do a Star Wars sequel, but that got scrapped. Megan cut Jeremy from the production, but he’s still hanging around. It took 43 takes, but Ian finally produced an incredible demo, although he was still lobbying for a Star Wars sequel.

Now that you’re caught up…

Day 2 at SOLIDWORKS World brings the second installment of the skit, and finds Megan in search of the reclusive Mark Schneider. She sends Jeremy on a mission to find him… and a cappuccino. Jeremy finds Mark hidden away in his trailer, which looks quite humble from the outside but upon entering, Jeremy finds it to be quite spacious and filled with surprises. Poor Jeremy, already on Megan’s cut list, now gets sucked into Mark’s demo:

3D Texturize Body

  • Appearance will create offset mesh body from existing solid
  • Lighter color, further offset
  • Controls for refinement, size, and invert

Partial Chamfer / Fillet

  • Uses existing Chamfer / Fillet tool
  • Distance, Percentage, Reference, and Drag Handle offsets

In the third installment, antics from the cast continue to frustrate Megan. Mark Barrow has become quite full of himself after winning SOLIDWORKS NEXT TOP MODELER in 2017 (yes, Lord Percy ultimately did win) as well as his heroic performance as Luke Sketch Drawer in the Star Wars skit in 2016. We find Mark in his dressing room where he demonstrates his need for so many devices.

Microsoft Surface Dial

  • Any Microsoft Surface device
  • Pan, Zoom, Rotate

Gesture Sketch Splines

  • Sketches converted to Splines

Gesture Sketch Slots

  • Slots recognized and converted automatically


3D Markups

  • Handwritten notes saved with model


Virtual Reality (VR) Support

  • Support for VR in SOLIDWORKS eDrawings

The third installment wraps up with Megan lamenting her decision to cut Jeremy, but the deed has been done.

TO BE CONTINUTED…………………………………

*** As a reminder, this IS a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW and features / functionality are always changing until fully vetted and not guaranteed to be in the next release.

Kurt Anliker

Kurt Anliker

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