The Next is Now at SWW18

SOLIDWORKS World is an amazing community of engineers, makers and scientists who are a force for change in the world. This community keeps pushing the boundaries, with no fear of complexity. It is an amazing time to be in Product Design and Engineering – it is possible to give Life to the products we design today. With sensors that can see (vision) and sense the environment (temperature, distance etc.), to adding brains with PCB and software; enabling products to think with Artificial Intelligence – the implications are profound. Like the robotic bee on the beautiful flower or prosthetic that enhances human life. Now is the time to harmonize human, nature and life.

This is the new economy – fundamentally transforming business and solving problems in innovative ways. We focus on making the complex simple – and over the course of three days, we will show our customers how to do the same.

At SOLIDWORKS, we have two lineages of products – desktop and the cloud both powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. We are robustly investing into both categories and our goal is to offer the best choices to our customers. Flexibility in business models (perpetual and/or term) and flexibility in offers (desktop and/or cloud) is what we believe provides the best options for your customers.

Anywhere, Anytime on Any device is a key value that many users and customers desire to enable innovation and collaboration with the entire value chain and end customers. xDesign, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, leverages the best-in-class and proven technologies that enable innovation and collaboration worldwide. With Design Guidance where designs are automatically created based on the loads and restraints, as well as Super Features, Single Modeling Environment, device independence, cloud printing, industry-leading design performance and a natural ease of use – xDesign is a game changer.

Digitizing the entire design-to-manufacturing process by leveraging Model Based Definition (MBD) delivers innovation, faster time to market and significant reduction in costs for companies. Capturing the Intellectual Property (IP) early in the engineering process with 3D PMI and MBD will allow automation to Manufacturing (One Click), Inspection, Documentation and Shipping the product to end customers. It reduces costly errors (70 percent savings) and speeds up time first prototype (by 300 percent) and consequently faster time to market.

Combining Mechatronics, Model Based Definition to Model Based Enterprise, Cloud-based design and collaboration tools, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Distributed Data Management, the time is now to drive innovation and create next generation products by our end customers.

At SOLIDWORKS we focus on making the complex simple, please attend the general session on all three days at SOLIDWORKS World to see how future technologies can create the new renaissance in Product Design.

Kishore Boyalakuntla

Kishore Boyalakuntla

Kishore is the SOLIDWORKS Brand UX leader and and the Product Portfolio Management Senior Director.
Kishore Boyalakuntla

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