Synaptive Medical Uses Simulation to Unravel the Complexities of the Human Body

The human body is, perhaps, one of the most intricate systems in known existence. So, when we need to repair these complex systems, we need an equally intricate machine at our command. Progress in the medical field is occurring at an exponential rate, and companies are turning to SOLIDWORKS for assistance in completing these incredible tasks.

Founded in 2012, Synaptive Medical is a Toronto-based corporation that set out to help top neurosurgeons, radiologists, and healthcare facilities to improve their accuracy and success in the medical field. Through the use of SOLIDWORKS’s easy-to-use software, Synaptive Medical is able to achieve its lofty goals.

SOLIDWORKS Professional design and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional software helped produce extremely detailed models and compound visualizations that would help medical professionals in their day-to-day work and in high-end surgical procedures. The company’s central product, the BrightMatter suite, helps neurosurgeons plan, guide, and visualize even the most complex procedures and features of/on the human brain.

”We tapped SOLIDWORKS surfacing and design for manufacturability tools to develop our simulated brain, which uses a specialized, proprietary material to emulate the texture, consistency, and other physical properties of the human brain,” says mechanical engineer Mark Morreale. “The mold tooling for this product, which captures all of the fissures and folds of a real brain, is incredibly complex, and we heavily leveraged SOLIDWORKS capabilities to make it a reality.”

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional software, Synaptive Medical was able to cut costs significantly, thanks to accuracy of the program. According to Morreale, “SOLIDWORKS simulation tools helped Synaptive Medical reduce testing cycles and mitigate risk,” which saved an immense amount of time by reducing physical testing, and ultimately reduced the cost of producing its product.

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