A New Benchmark for SOLIDWORKS Performance, on the Desktop or on the Go

Lenovo™ has just introduced several new workstations built with the SOLIDWORKS® user in mind – the brand new ThinkStation® P520 and compact P520c tower workstations along with the ThinkPad® P52s Ultrabook® mobile workstation.

The ThinkStation P520 provides the perfect balance of powerful Intel® Xeon® W single processor clock speeds of up to 4.5 GHz for running SOLIDWORKS at lightning speed and up to 18 cores for multi-threaded compute tasks like simulation. With up to dual NVIDIA® Quadro® P6000 professional graphics, the P520 can tackle advanced rendering and VR workflows. Equipped with optimized storage, these workstations give users access to super-fast data retrieval of large models – offering robust expansion options and dual M.2 support directly on the motherboard.

The ThinkStation P520 and P520c also come with support for Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC). This capability allows industry professionals to directly manage their NVMe SSDs directly on the CPU – unleashing full performance potential of the NVMe SSD, without the complexity of a traditional RAID hot bus adapter.

The ThinkPad P52s is Lenovo’s thinnest and lightest quad-core mobile workstation offering, ever. With improved performance and universal connectivity, the ThinkPad P52s gives SOLIDWORKS users an even more reliable machine to work wherever and whenever. This new, thin and light ThinkPad will benefit any SOLIDWORKS user who constantly finds themselves on the go – offering raw Intel Core™ processing and NVIDIA Quadro P500 graphics, which means fast, on-screen interactivity with dense datasets, simulations, and 2D image manipulation and painting.

Not to mention the ThinkPad P52s is armed with fast memory and optimized storage support, up to 1TB PCIe NVMe – a necessity for project storage, data caching and real-time playback. Even the battery life is equipped to handle all the day can throw your way. Lenovo’s PowerBridge technology provides all-day power – allowing you to work seamlessly, without the hassle of recharging. Whether you’re collaborating in the office, on a job site or with visiting customers, this powerful and lightweight mobile workstation can run CAD applications all day long.

Going beyond hardware, Lenovo is helping ensure our customers are getting the most out of their investment with the Lenovo Performance Tuner (LPT) 2.0. Through the use of Processor Affinity, LPT gives users the ability to run applications on specific cores – improving their system workload, and optimizing power and resources for both single-threaded or multi-threaded applications. To make this process even more convenient for professionals, Lenovo is responding to our customers’ feedback by now allowing users to import and export application profiles –allowing system administrators to customize and share profiles across employee systems.

Additionally, Lenovo offers Workstation Diagnostics, a desktop application and free smartphone app. These tools bring desk-side insight to your system and offer users easy-to-follow guidance and troubleshooting should an issue arise. And, should the machine ever fail to boot, the phone app allows your workstation to communicate directly to your mobile device to provide instant diagnostics and potential solutions.

To learn more about all of these new Lenovo offerings, visit https://thinkworkstations.com/products

Chris Ruffo

Chris Ruffo

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