SOLIDWORKS Plastics eCourse Now Available at MySolidWorks

The SOLIDWORKS Plastics eCourse is now available at MySolidWorks. This course guides you through the process of simulating the injection molding process early in the design stages.

Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics, part defects such as short shots, gate blush, and air traps can be discovered and fixed well before tooling. In addition to this, parameters such as the injection location, the mold temperature, and the fill time can be optimized, ensuring the best possible part quality while reducing validation time before production parts are made.

This course covers a wide range of topics including gas assisted molding, hot runners, valve gates, and warpage. Whether you’re a part designer, mold maker, or an analyst, this course will help you learn the tools necessary for creating better parts, molds, and processes.

SOLIDWORKS eCourses are hosted on MySolidWorks and are available for purchase from your SOLIDWORKS reseller as a three-month subscription.

For more information about the SOLIDWORKS eCourses and other training options, visit To sign up for a SOLIDWORKS eCourse, please contact your reseller.

Joe Rousseau

Joe Rousseau

Joe is a Senior Training Manager, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS