Bring Your Kids to Get Creative with SOLIDWORKS at Maker Faire UK

Little minds love to create, little fingers love to make. That’s why we’re so proud of SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids. It’s a suite of pick-up-and-play design applications that gets creative kids engaged with visualising, designing and making. Gather up your little ones and come and see SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids in action at Maker Faire UK – the greatest show and tell on the planet – on 1st – 2nd April.

Rising cakes, rising craft

British craft is on the rise. An increase in homemade manufacturing, sewing, craft and baking reflect the boom in DIY culture sweeping the nation. Call it the Bake-Off effect if you like. But as a country, we are all agog for picking up the tools and doing it ourselves. And there’s a huge market for it too.

What is Maker Faire UK?

Having originally started in San Mateo, CA, the global event celebrated its’ tenth annual show in 2015 with some 1,200 makers and 145,000 attendees. With large-scale events happening globally from Tokyo to Detroit (and now the UK!), it’s easy to see that maker communities are on the up!

Maker Faire UK showcases the hunger for the homemade; a two-day family-friendly exhibition demonstrating the best in global ingenuity and invention. It’s a journey through the creations of over 300 passionate and skilled hackers, crafters, makers and coders. Traditional craft. Sewing. Software. Modelling. They’ve made it, Maker Faire is your chance to get up close and personal with it.

With makers from model creationists to 3D printing enthusiasts, it’s a perfect opportunity for parents and kids alike to get stuck into projects we can be doing in our very own homes. So if your little ones are budding scientists or enthusiastic engineers – Maker Faire could be the very thing to pull them away from their games consoles and social media accounts.

And guess what? SOLIDWORKS is there too. Because it’s not just about exhibiting invention but enabling it too. Just ask the kids who recently put our suite of apps to the test.

>> Little fingers test SOLIDWORKS Apps For Kids

If kids can dream it, they can build it

Apps For Kids is a suite of apps designed for enquiring minds and young inventors. Think of it as a mini SOLIDWORKS – an engaging designer and maker that’s super-easy (and oodles of fun) to use. Best of all it gives kids the freedom to play with ideas and bring their creations to life through 3D CAD modelling. Where better to showcase Apps For Kids than an event that celebrates the values of imagination, ingenuity and creation? Exactly.

Come and see for yourself!

Near Newcastle on the 1st or 2nd April? Then get down to Life Science Centre and discover the greatest show and tell on the planet. Maker Faire captures the imagination of the next generation and inspires investment in engineering via a world of tactile discovery. We’ll see you there, right?

Reserve tickets here.

Or if you – or a young person you know – would like to try Apps For Kids, get special access to the beta trial here.

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