Little Fingers Test SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

Kids take after their parents. Lazy cliché or bona fide fact? We decided to put it to the test.

During the recent school summer holidays, we asked our Cambridge staff to invite their kids into the office to get involved with some 3D modelling.

These kids were visiting to demo a special suite of apps. Apps that allow big ideas to be brought to life by little fingers; simple 3D pick-up-and-play 3D CAD software that gets creative kids engaged with visualising, designing and making. We’ve built the apps, they’re ready to go. But what we needed was a fledgeling focus group. Pint-sized product testers. Elfin experimenters.  So in came the kids.


Pressure, pressure, pressure

Kids are stern critics. We knew our apps had to be easy to use, fun and engaging if we were to stave off a mini-mutiny. So it wasn’t without a little trepidation that we opened our doors to set our little engineers free on SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids. The good news? We needn’t have worried.

All of the kids – some as young as five – got to grips with the app suite lickety-split, despite having never used it before. Within minutes, they were busily clicking, tapping and typing their way to all kinds of weird and wonderful product designs: space rockets, newly discovered planets in far away galaxies and ginormous wriggling whales. Then there were the parrots, the Pokémon, the panting poodles. If the kids could think it, they could design it. Watch the video to see the kids in action using SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

That’s the point. SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is designed to encourage creativity, not stifle it. Kids can capture photos, model and manipulate shapes, colour and craft them and watch their ideas come to life. When they are done they can even 3D print their creations to play with at home. It’s easy. It’s engaging and – we hope – it’s going to ignite young kids’ interest in STEM subjects.

Little smiles, high praise

By the end of the day, it was hard for our staff to pull their kids away from their designs. Some kids even woke up the following morning asking if they could continue playing with the apps and thanks to multi-device compatibility across browsers and devices, those kids could sign in to their accounts and pick up exactly where they left off. It Seems that with some of our staff, the apple really hasn’t fallen far from the tree.



Think your child might be interested in being one of the first to try SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids and shape the future of the software? Register today on our website for beta access. Or send us your questions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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