Learn from the Startup Trenches at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

If you’re attending SOLIDWORKS World, chances are that you have big ideas. You’ve dreamt about making the next must-have consumer gadget or coming up with a world-changing business idea. With barriers to starting a company lowering each year, the old adage “if you can dream it, you can do it” has never been closer to reality. Interest in startups is booming, and we’re bringing the topic back to SOLIDWORKS World by popular demand.

The sessions, scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday, February 7, will provide insight from both sides of the startup world: founders and investors. Each perspective includes subject matter experts with a wealth of knowledge on how to start successful businesses and how to obtain funding. Here’s what you can expect to learn at each session:

Hardware Founder Stories
Tuesday 1:30

Maybe you watched the HBO show Silicon Valley and already know everything there is about starting a startup or maybe you haven’t.  Come hear the real stories from our panel of hardware startup founders as they went from ideation to product to business success.

Jon Friedman

President / Co-founder
Freight Farms

Kayla Matheus

CEO / co-founder

Nate Evans



Startup Funding
Tuesday 2:45

Bootstrapping, credit cards, loans, angel investment, crowdsourcing, venture capital. Cash is king and funding your startup is never easy. Our panel will take a look at multiple methods for funding a hardware startup.

Noramay  Cadena

Make in LA

Clarissa Redwine

Design & Technology Outreach Lead

Alastair Trueger

Founding Partner
Creative Ventures

Attend the sessions, get informed, and then begin your journey toward startup success. You can also explore the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program as a partner in innovation. The program offers software, training, and co-marketing resources to help your idea become a product and your product become a business.

Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is the Director of Community Applications and Startup Advocate at SOLIDWORKS helping promote entrepreneurship, startups, and accelerators. Prior to SOLIDWORKS, Greg was founder and CEO of Immersive Design, Inc. Plays tennis to stay fit, drinks coffee to stay awake, and experiences wine to chill out.