The Company Behind the Best SOLIDWORKS World Booths Actually Uses SOLIDWORKS to Design Them!

Next month at SOLIDWORKS World 2017, take a few moments to check out some of the incredible displays at the booths in the Partner Pavilion. Many of the best booths use Orbus Exhibit & Display Group™ to create those compelling backdrops, but did you realize that Orbus uses SOLIDWORKS themselves? Brands within the group include Orbus365™, SignPro Systems™, Origin™, and Nimlok®, each uniquely positioned to target a specific market sector of the signage, events, tradeshow exhibit and display industry.

In order to maximize their SOLIDWORKS investment, Orbus looks to SolidProfessor. With so many brands to manage, “one of our big initiatives as a company is to improve our company wide training,” said CAD Manager Drew Adams.

The mission of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is to “become and remain one of the country’s leading trade suppliers of tradeshow exhibits and displays, from portable to custom.” One of Orbus’ core values is to “encourage excellence in every effort,” which is demonstrated by its commitment to providing skills development opportunities to its employees.

Adams worked with its reseller to implement SolidProfessor as its on-demand learning solution. “We have been utilizing SolidProfessor to shorten design time and increase product innovation. By increasing our design team’s proficiency with its software tools, they can create the best deliverable for the customer in the shortest amount of time and most consistent way. SolidProfessor provides the best and most cost efficient option for the company. The quality of the instruction is very high, and the fact that it is self-paced is a nice benefit. SolidProfessor saves our more experienced users from having to take time out of their day to answer training questions.”

“I believe that SolidProfessor is the best self-paced training available on the market. The most impactful result of SolidProfessor is standardized design time; increased product innovation would be number two. As our team learned some of the tools like Weldments, we’ve been taking advantage of those capabilities more and more in our product design, and the way we create quotes and renderings for our potential jobs. That has enabled and improved use of new software technology and features. We’re leveraging features that weren’t being used in the past.”

“The reporting tools give us visibility to track our employees’ progress, which has been very valuable for us, ensuring that our teams are developing at the rate we need them to, in order to be competitive in our industry.”

Orbus is resulting in accolades from its industry, being awarded one of the Seventh Annual Wide Format Imaging Reader’s Choice Top Products Awards for its Hopup™ tension fabric display system. The Hopup features a lightweight anodized silver frame and pre-attached fabric graphics that sets up in less than five minutes.

This year at SOLIDWORKS World, appreciate the design and engineering that has gone into the booths and backdrops at the conference!


Tony Glockler is the co-founder of SolidProfessor, an online learning company that specializes in software applications used in engineering and design. Beginning his education at UCLA with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Tony experienced first-hand the limited resources available to students to become proficient, employable CAD users. His passion is combining the best of instructional design and technology to help engineers and designers become more effective. Through SolidProfessor, Tony has helped design teams keep up with their rapidly evolving software tools with an ongoing guided learning experience. To learn more, visit