Standardizing Design Skills Across Your Team

To stay competitive, companies need to give their design teams the resources they need to be successful. Remaining on the cutting edge means keeping up with the latest techniques and best practices. Managers can help standardize design skills across the team through implementing a skills development program.

Andy Payne, CAD Administrator at AccuTemp Products, Inc. adopted SolidProfessor to standardize design skills and practices while raising the bar across his team. Payne recounts “there were two key challenges I needed to solve. The first was that we had designers at all different skills levels; some had never used SOLIDWORKS before, while others had been using it every day for years. The second was that there are times in our daily work where people get into situations in which they’re unsure of how to do something, either because they haven’t done it in a while or because they’ve never done it before. We needed a skills development solution that would allow us to standardize skills across our team while simultaneously raising the bar for everyone.”

SolidProfessor is web-based and available on any device. According to Payne, “SolidProfessor is flexible… even if we’re in the middle of a project, they can quickly use SolidProfessor to fill in any knowledge gaps so that they can stay on task and hit deadlines. SolidProfessor training is repeatable, so if they forget something or just need a refresher, it’s always available.”

At AccuTemp, Payne found that ”SolidProfessor has successfully raised the level of knowledge for my users and raised the bar overall. One of the largest future benefits is that it’ll continue saving me time when my users run into design challenges. Instead of relying on me for answers, they can search for a video in SolidProfessor and stay on task.”

With continuous education, teams see improvement across quality, cost and delivery. SolidProfessor for Teams enables engineering managers to assess the skill level of their team using an online competency test. Then, with ‘precision learning,’ the results suggest lessons based on how well someone has done on the competency test.

Visit the SolidProfessor website to learn more. Sign up for a free account to check out the courses and use promo code DESIGNPRO during the month of November to save 20% on memberships.



Tony Glockler is the co-founder of SolidProfessor, an online learning company that specializes in software applications used in engineering and design. Beginning his education at UCLA with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Tony experienced first-hand the limited resources available to students to become proficient, employable CAD users. His passion is combining the best of instructional design and technology to help engineers and designers become more effective. Through SolidProfessor, Tony has helped design teams keep up with their rapidly evolving software tools with an ongoing guided learning experience. To learn more, visit