Lan | Abar Handling Technologies Do Lean Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS

Packaging is vital to the goods industry.  Don’t believe us? Try walking home from the supermarket carrying half a litre of soup without a container. However, packaging is even more integral to the pharmaceutical industry. Secure, impenetrable handling of sterile products is crucial to the safe transportation of medicine to its destination. Lan | Abar Handling Technologies understand this importance. It’s intrinsic to its business model.

Lan | Abar Handling Technologies do lean manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS – Factory

Who are Lan | Abar Handling Technologies?

Lan | Abar Handling Technologies have an exceptional understanding of handling systems. Based in the Netherlands, the company specialises in the design, construction and installation of handling systems for packaged products, within sterilisation processes. Its factory forms the link between the product supply and its sterilisation, the handling systems are developed and already assembled into modules, so they can be installed easily on site.
How did SOLIDWORKS eDrawings help Lan | Abar Handling Technologies?

Efficiency runs through Lan | Abar like mercury in a thermometer. Like many factories, they aim to run a slick operation. That’s why they turned to SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS eDrawings makes it easy to view CAD design in a 3D capacity. Take a design and you can display the blueprint visually, with the ability to navigate, explode view and highlight cross-sections for close-up scrutiny. It’s a cross-platform CAD tool that communicates the vision of the engineering team’s design with all the clarity you’d hope for.

Utilising a production method known as lean manufacturing, Lan | Abar installed six large screens in its  assembly area. These screens display the SOLIDWORKS models for the modules being assembled. It means all mechanics have the relevant SOLIDWORKS data at their fingertips, with the ability to recall and cross-check any other projects for clarification.

Lan | Abar Handling Technologies do lean manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS – Factory 2

That saves huge time on production and assembly. There has been a marked reduction in errors too. The ability to isolate parts and magnify cross sections gives the team far greater insight into the build, way more than paper blueprints ever provided. With SOLIDWORKS eDrawings to hand, the mechanics have the answers before they need to ask the questions.

No trees were harmed in the making of this design

Like so many businesses, Lan | Abar are keen to reduce its impact on the environment. To do so, they are trying to go paperless. Before, they used A3 sheets to display design drawings for mechanics. Now Lan | Abar have every part rendered digitally, paper wastage is down and the engineering team can share designs faster. Win, win.

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