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As a 3D CAD engineer or product designer, SOLIDWORKS enables you to transform ideas into new, innovative products. No one know understands this better than BOXX Technologies’ engineering team, the elite professionals who rely on the CAD application to design custom chassis for all of our APEXX workstations and one-of-a-kind renderBOXX and renderPRO dedicated rendering systems. These enclosures, manufactured in the USA, require precise design in order to accommodate features like overclocked or dual processors, liquid cooling, SSDs, multiple GPUs, and more.

However, the fact that we use SOLIDWORKS ourselves (and are therefore intimately familiar with the software) is only half the story. BOXX Technologies uses SOLIDWORKS to design SOLIDWORKS-certified systems that run the application better than any other computer hardware on the market. If you’re a CAD engineer, you likely don’t need a workstation that runs AEC or VFX software at peak performance. Our 3D CAD systems are specifically built for SOLIDWORKS and other single-threaded CAD applications with one goal in mind: to resolve your productivity bottlenecks. You can pick up a one-size-fits-all PC from our competitors and continue to experience the pain of long rebuild times, slow assembly openings, and sluggish model interactivity, but as a solution provider, BOXX knows that this is not how SOLIDWORKS is supposed to run. We resolve your productivity bottlenecks and accelerate your workflow with hardware solutions optimized to reduce wait time in SOLIDWORKS 3D Design and Simulation software.

The BOXX Advantage
When discussing the essential SOLIDWORKS workstation, you first need to get to the core(s) of the matter. Because SOLIDWORKS is a lightly threaded application, selecting the correct number of processing cores is critical. Core frequency determines performance more than any other variable, so a workstation with less cores (but higher frequency) is ideal. That’s why we built APEXX 2 2402, the premiere workstation for single-threaded applications. Featuring a safely overclocked Intel® Core™ i7 running at 4.4GHz, APEXX 2 is the world’s fastest CAD and 3D design system. Consult any reputable trade publication that conducts thorough benchmark testing (Digital Engineering for example) and the advantages of overclocking (and APEXX workstations) are well documented. In general, CPU overclocking delivers reduced rebuild times and improved model interactivity through the viewport—especially with large assemblies. APEXX 2 also accommodates multiple GPUs and up to 64GB of RAM. Another key feature is fast SSD storage which provides faster opening and saving of your large assemblies.

For SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you want the right balance of CPU cores and frequency. Unlike modeling and design tasks, rendering and simulation are multi-threaded and take advantage of multiple CPU cores. But remember to keep this in mind: while SOLIDWORKS Simulation is multi-threaded, the performance gains level off after ten cores. As a result, the ideal SOLIDWORKS Simulation solution is an overclocked eight-core or ten-core APEXX workstation.

If you need to render your SOLIDWORKS assemblies, you have a few options, each with different compute requirements. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a standalone GPU-accelerated rendering tool based on NVIDIA Iray and overclocked, multi-GPU APEXX workstations are ideal for Visualize.

CPU Rendering with SOLIDWORKS
Many BOXX customers integrate CPU-based rendering tools into their workflows. In this scenario, you may opt for dual Intel® Xeon® solutions with many CPU cores.

If your workflow requires substantial rendering, we recommend The BOXX Workflow, a unique hardware solution specifically designed to address the integration of single-threaded and multi-threaded tasks. The BOXX Workflow pairs your APEXX workstation with renderPRO, the ultimate rendering and simulation sidekick. Fully managed by your APEXX workstation and featuring dual IntelXeon processors, renderPRO is the world’s only personal, desk-side rendering solution, allowing you to move computationally intensive tasks from your workstation to a render node without the cost and complexity of a render farm.

Whether you chose an overclocked APEXX workstation, renderPRO, or even one of our GoBOXX mobile workstations, legendary, U.S.-based BOXX Tech Support will be on hand to support you and your specific workflow. Utilizing our own hardware and SOLIDWORKS software, we’ll recreate any issue you may encounter in order to quickly find a solution. We’ll even overnight parts when necessary during the premium warranty period because your productivity will always be our top priority.

From our products, to consultation and service, no hardware manufacturer knows more about your SOLIDWORKS workflow than BOXX.

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Joe Pizzini

Joe Pizzini

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