SWOOD, Woodworking and SOLIDWORKS

Designing and manufacturing woodworking projects requires a great amount of attention to detail. When it comes to bringing concepts to life in CAD, this means using dedicated woodworking features that require solutions specifically created for woodworking. This is especially important in the era of custom-made projects, when woodworkers must have strong modeling capabilities mixed with specific tools to address unique material and processing requirements.

With SWOOD from EFICAD and SOLIDWORKS, woodworkers have the best design tools for meeting woodworking requirements. EFICAD, a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner since 2001, has invested in CAD/CAM solutions for the woodworking industry for more than 25 years. SWOOD, created specifically for woodworkers, provides a unique tool that manages woodworking projects from design to production. For SOLIDWORKS users, SWOOD provides material and panel processing needs as well as native features in SWOOD libraries for taking on edge banding, grain direction, and laminates. This removes the need to complete properties to create a BOM. SWOOD takes care of the process with a simple drag and drop. Further, when using SWOOD to create parametric furniture, custom rules can be used to ensure models will fit predetermined requirements with a few drag-and-drop gestures.


With SWOOD integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS, there are several pain points you will no longer need to address. These include the need to export drawings to DXF files, dealing with oversized systems that do not recognize multi-spindle drilling, programing all parts from scratch every time you make a change, and programing suction cups and beams before launching a program. SWOOD CAM embeds all of these technologies and provides SOLIDWORKS users with a fully integrated CAM system with nesting capabilities. In addition, as part of the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem, SWOOD can be used with other SOLIDWORKS solutions, such as SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Visualize to name two.

Because of EFICAD’s long experience and collaboration with different CNC brands, a lot of post-processors are available, from G-Code to WOP system. SWOOD encodes full project assemblies at once and generates all the production documents (stocks list, hardware list, labels, costing, CSV or XML export for ERP).


The most highly trusted CAD platform coupled with SWOOD suggests new design opportunities for woodworkers. The clearest evidence of this comes from the main European SOLIDWORKS resellers across more than 20 countries that have quickly made SWOOD the choice for customers in the woodworking industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about EFICAD and SWOOD in person, come see us at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta (booth #8328). IWF is global event for the woodworking industry and professionals in the furniture manufacturing, cabinetry, architectural woodworking and material processing fields. Please stop by and see all of the enhancements available in SWOOD 2016. To learn more about SWOOD, visit www.eficad.com or send an email to swood@eficad.com.

Bruno Calatayud
Bruno is International Projects Manager at EFICAD.
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