Brunswick Bowls a Perfect Game with SOLIDWORKS

ciminelli_action.jpgBowling: an indoor sport that is perfect for any time or occasion. Whether it’s after work, for a birthday party, or your sport of choice, who doesn’t like looking up at those bowling score monitors? That is, unless you’re losing of course. While luck, skill, and your competition may seem to have the biggest impact on your score, physics is usually what gets the better of you. So how does one go head-to-head with physics? Design the best bowling balls to beat anything physics can throw at you, a goal and continuous accomplishment at Brunswick Bowling Products.

Brunswick is a partner of many professional leagues and associations, but they also know how to provide for every type of bowler by offering high quality consumer products. Aaron Koch, a R&D Core Engineer, designs “cores for Brunswick
bowling balls, which are part of the ball that influences the performance hook on which today’s bowlers rely.”

“Over the last decade,” Aaron continues, “we’ve introduced a range of innovations in ball core design for which 3D design played an important role.” Regardless of lane conditions or oil pattern, SOLIDWORKS can be used to model and simulate ball dynamics to specifically figure out what kind of ball core designs will hook earlier or later.

Besides trumping physics, SOLIDWORKS has helped Brunswick create a spin-off brand of bowling balls called DV8, which is geared towards off-the-beaten-path bowlers. Aaron also notes that by “using SOLIDWORKS, we can quickly develop cores to achieve new levels of performance, and then use PhotoView 360 to produce ball core cutaways for marketing materials for both Brunswick and DV8 bowling balls.”

Excited, but want to see physics and bowling at work? Play the video to watch a SOLIDWORKS Motion simulation. To get more details on how Brunswick uses SOLIDWORKS, click on the banner below.



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