Recorded Webinar: Solving Part and Mold Manufacturing Design Issues with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

More than 80 percent of all plastic parts used in products today are a result of the injection molding process. Given that number you’d think the process would be a bit more simplified at this point, but producing plastic parts can be a problematic procedure (even more problematic than trying to say that last line five times fast).

Three main challenges stand between you and a successfully injection-molded plastic part. First, you must determine how your part or mold design will impact its production. Then, you need to understand how manufacturing will influence your design. Finally, you need to communicate that information often throughout the design-to-manufacturing process.


Sounds simple enough right? Well anyone who’s had to endure seeing a warped part emerge from the injection molding machine will tell you otherwise. Testing your design early and often while keeping in touch with manufacturing can mean the difference between a perfect part and an expensive doorstop.

Instead of teetering on a thin line of loving or hating your manufactured plastic part, use SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation to know your designs are fit to manufacture. SOLIDWORKS Plastics enables you to test your plastic parts while you design – giving you the tools to get the results you need the first time.

Watch this recorded webinar led by SOLIDWORKS Plastics expert Jeff Osman and learn how you can use injection molding simulation to quickly identify potential problems during the earliest stages of design‚ eliminating costly mold rework‚ improving part quality and accelerating time to market. In addition, you’ll go in-depth with field-tested tips for:

  • Getting rapid feedback on how modifications to wall thickness, gate locations, materials, or geometry will affect the manufacturing of your parts
  • Quickly optimizing multi-cavity and family mold layouts and feed systems—including sprues, runners, and gates.

Click here to watch the on-demand webinar!

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