Why This Robot has a Sensitive Touch

One of the marvels of human creation is that it can be classified as “ahead of its time,” but what does that really mean and why is it possible? Robot Rebuilt, a startup focused on a pioneering approach called “Sensitive Robotics,” is an example of how motivation will bring “of the future” into the now.

So what exactly is “sensitive robotics”? Basically, it’s an expansion of robotic capabilities and movement inspired by humans. As the president of Robot Rebuilt puts it, “Everyone is trying to automate manual tasks in many industries: grabbing an object, reorienting it, placing it back…these manual tasks have not been solved, and we have a technology to solve that. How? We use the sensitivity in the skin of the robot. It’s very similar to what humans do and that’s why we actually can be dexterous.”

Founded in 2010 by Eduardo Torres-Jara and Paul Fitzpatrick, Robot Rebuilt’s origins can be traced back to Eduardo’s research when earning his PhD from MIT. He then continued his work as a postdoctoral associate to head towards commercializing his Sensitive Robotics techniques. Currently Robot Rebuilt is finishing two prototypes, and is hoping to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future. Having survived on personal funding, Robot Rebuilt is thankful for patenting help from MIT, a necessity in a competitive marketplace.

Although the commercializing process has not been easy, SOLIDWORKS has proven itself to be instrumental in the design process. “Much of the knowledge that we have in computer 3D graphics and mechanical design was placed in SOLIDWORKS,” notes Eduardo. “I really love it because it is very intuitive, very easy to use. It took me a couple days to learn, and since then it has become my preferred tool for any kind for mechanical design.”

From experience and the utilization of resources, Robot Rebuilt is confident that it will be a unique player in the robotics market, but as Eduardo says, “you need to really believe in your technology and make sure you understand that it’s going to be a business-not just technology.”

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