SOLIDWORKS Helps Seal the Deal for Nomiku

Nothing makes you hungrier than seeing some delicious food on television. It might have been a fast food commercial or a professional chef competition, but they both often cause your stomach to start rumbling. It often looks so easy, but those chefs have years of training and the very best kitchenware, so you’re left feeling that you could never make something that good. Well Nomiku, a startup that has designed an innovative device guaranteed to help you cook amazing food, is here to make you the master chef of your kitchen.

The Classic Nomiku (pictured right) is your personal assistant for cooking sous vide (pronounced soo-veed, French for “under vacuum”), a cooking method that involves sealed food in a vacuum bag immersed in precisely controlled temperature water. The results are slowly cooked food that you could originally only enjoy in upscale restaurants. Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Abe and Lisa Fetterman, Nomiku is here to change home cooking forever, and as Lisa puts it, “This is the way everybody is going to cook. It starts now.”

But besides being passionate about food, Abe and Lisa have also been enthusiastic about making their sous vide immersion circulator a reality. After approaching several funders, it became clear that it was difficult for investors to envision the purpose of the Nomiku. “Then we put it on Kickstarter,” Lisa remarks, “and we became the number-one, most funded project in the food category.”

Hardware accelerators were also an enormous help in bringing in funding, building prototypes, and a community to rely on. “The biggest benefit that I got out of each of the accelerators is a network of entrepreneurs…if you don’t have a support system and a community, it’s very, very easy to just want to give up.”


Thankfully for Nomiku, SOLIDWORKS has also been a vital support beam for the startup. “SOLIDWORKS is crucial to design; it’s how we test before we make our prototypes. It’s basically the only tool everybody uses to make everything in the world,” Lisa excitedly notes. “We wouldn’t be here without it.”

SOLIDWORKS wants to be here for you as well, so consider applying to the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program. Affiliated startups will be given software, design resources, co-marketing opportunities at major SOLIDWORKS events, and much more.

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