Redesigning a Remote in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

I got the assignment to redesign a remote control for a combined light and Bluetooth music player. Opening the original SOLIDWORKS model in Industrial Designer, I can quickly and easily see what space constraints I have to work with in regards to the existing PCB.


This way, I know that if the PCB designer decides to change the layout, I can update the models with a click of a button, saving me precious design time.


Next I shape the new remote control using the intuitive push and pull, sub-divisional modeling in Industrial Designer. This method of shaping geometry is, by far, the quickest and most intuitive way I’ve tried. There is very little planning needed to be able to perform changes to the design in a later stage. Even details like button pads for the controls can be quickly added.


The integrated analysis tools help me to quickly evaluate the surface quality and flow, as well as eliminating any back drafts – something that can be very costly to fix after a design has gone to tooling.


Next it’s time for a few preliminary renders to make sure my customer is ok with the design so far.

After a few final tweaks to the shape, it’s time to bring the design into SOLIDWORKS to finalize the engineering. A shell is created, lips and grooves are put on the model to make sure that the final product can be securely opened.


Finally, a few complete renders to top off the design process.




With SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer, I can get from my initial concept, to a finished model in half a day! Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer here. Learn more about the integrated rendering tool used on the SOLIDWORKS Visualize product page.

Carl Öjerstam

Carl Öjerstam

Carl Öjerstam is the owner of Carl Design, a Scandinavian industrial design company with a core business in product design for mass production. The company also work with projects in transportation, graphic design, packaging, retail solutions as well as design of trade fair stands
Carl Öjerstam

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