My SWW16 Agenda: Redneck Workarounds with Josh Altergott


One of my favorite parts of SOLIDWORKS World each year is deciding on my objectives and choosing my sessions. And my backup sessions. And my backup backup sessions. This year, I thought I’d share with you some of the sessions I chose and why.

The first time I signed up for Josh Altergott’s Redneck Workarounds: Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems presentation, it was a knee-jerk reaction to an awesome presentation title. Lucky for me, the content included in the presentation alternates between laugh-out-loud funny and I-never-would-have-thought-of-that creative. If you’re looking for a presenter who’s sure to make you laugh as well as think, this is the presentation for you.

My SWW16 Agenda: Redneck Workarounds 

My SWW16 Agenda: Step 1

My SWW16 Agenda: Step 2

My SWW16 Agenda: Step 3 and 4

I’m betting Josh has some awesome new tips and tricks, as well as a few jokes to start your SOLIDWORKS World adventure off right. Be sure to check out his Redneck Workarounds: Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems presentation on Monday from 2:45pm-3:45pm! Until then, you can check out previous years over on the SOLIDWORKS World Proceedings Site.

Is there a session on the agenda you think everyone should see? Let me know which one and why and I’ll let everyone know! Email me at As always, thanks for reading! See you in Dallas!

Rachel Diane York

Rachel Diane York

Community and User Advocacy Manager at SOLIDWORKS
I was the founding member of the Tech Valley SOLIDWORKS User Group and a huge fan of our fantastic Community. I've taught and provided technical support for SOLIDWORKS as well as presented at many user group events. In my spare time I enjoy: billiards, reading, and playing video games. Please feel free to reach out!
Rachel Diane York
Rachel Diane York