SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Session Preview: For SOLIDWORKS Veterans

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 will feature 224 tech-savvy, breakout sessions for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user. In these sessions you’ll learn new techniques from SOLIDWORKS experts that will help you take your design skills to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll preview the sessions geared towards SOLIDWORKS veterans.

Surfaces & Splines: The fundamentals of Modeling for Consumer Product Design. This session covers the same topic explored in the popular blog posts and video series of the same name by Andrew Lowe, an Industrial Designer at the DiMonte Group. Read his latest blog post, “Surfaces and Splines: Fading Chamfer,” here.

This session will discuss techniques to accurately create production models of the most challenging shapes present in today’s cutting-edge product designs. It will make production modeling of consumer products less intimidating by providing you with the right combination of skills and modeling strategies.


Attendees will learn sketch spline best practices, methods to lay out surfaces for optimal visual quality and robustness, various ways to surface model with draft for mass production, techniques for creating overmolds, and strategies to surface model the most complex shapes. Lowe is one of the highest-rated presenters at SOLIDWORKS World so this session will fill up fast.

Here are a few more sessions specifically geared towards SOLIDWORKS expert users:

Leveraging SQL Reporting in EPDM. This session is presented by Lindsay Early, an EPDM guru and EPDM customer consultant for Fisher/Unitech. This session will teach you how to develop queries for the Report Generator and develop graphs and tables in SQL Server™ Reporting Services, for when the Search tool is just not enough. Attendees will learn how to understand their process and drafting load, and detect areas in need of improvement.


More Modeling Tips and Techniques. This very entertaining session will be presented by Salvatore Lama, senior product manager at SOLIDWORKS and a member of the product definition team. This session will teach a multitude of modeling techniques, keyboard shortcuts, and interaction efficiencies sure to help you shave time off your next project. Attendees will learn new techniques for solving modeling problems that they can apply to their own design challenges.

SOLIDWORKS Installs: A focus on admin images and MSI. This session will be presented by Bradley Phillips, a technical support engineer at SOLIDWORKS. This session will teach you how to effectively use the tools that SOLIDWORKS provides to deploy and install in all types of companies. This presentation will focus on Admin Images and MSI/MST installation tips, tricks, and best practices. Attendees will benefit from learning the best way they can deploy SOLIDWORKS in their specific company environment. CAD admins will be better equipped to perform and troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS deployments more efficiently in the future.

Don’t miss being able to attend these sessions; browse the agenda here then register today for SOLIDWORKS World 2016 here.


Barb Schmitz

Barb Schmitz

Senior Marketing Communications Manager at SolidWorks
Barb Schmitz is a Senior Manager in Marketing Communications with BA in Journalism and over 30 years of experience in the CAD software industry. She started her career as a journalist covering technology and served as an editor for several leading industry publications for over 20 years. Besides being a sleuth of tech, she is a loyal dog owner, travel bum, mom, lover of hoppy IPAs, red wine, and alternative music lover living in the great city of Chicago.